The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) leads the Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator - which aims to mold and develop the next generation of executive producers.

NALIP has enlisted a number of industry titans, starting with its founding sponsor, The Walt Disney Company, and other sponsors, the Motion Picture Association (MPA), Amblin Partners, and STARZ.

With the Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator, selected individuals will be trained and exposed to the various sections that make up the motion picture and television business and create opportunities to hatch and accelerate fresh and inclusive perspectives.

Basically, with the new groundbreaking incubator, participants will learn what it takes to be a successful producer.

Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator
(Photo : NALIP)

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The Latino Lens: Pipeline Incubator

The Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator comes as the Latinx community sees its spending power skyrocket towards the $2 trillion mark, and the community now comprises about 20 percent of the box office. 

With 58.9 million of the current US population, the entertainment industry must begin to reflect these changes by having more Latinx executives in the conversation, especially since inclusion is the way to ensure the industry's growth and future. 

As the Latinx community continues to grow, so should the opportunities for them to take part in relevant decision-making processes. The new incubator will also integrate forecasting in the technology sectors and platforms, which will help steer the direction of content creation and distribution.

The Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator will be accepting up to 12 participants in its first year. These producers in the making will undergo an eight-week curriculum and mentorship program led by a team of industry-trusted execs with overall deals currently working in the industry. 

After the mentorship, four of these participants will be immediately thrust to a six-month paid fellowship with entertainment companies, The Walt Disney Company, Amblin Partners, and STARZ. They are expected to grow further with the knowledge and experience that would help them build their respective careers.

Developing the New Generation of Latinx Producers

The organizers explain that the new pipeline incubator program aims to develop the new generation of executive producers with active and hands-on learning experiences. Participants have the unique opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and mentors who can better speak to and demonstrate the importance of pursuing, developing, and ultimately overseeing the success of various projects and intellectual properties.

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with The Walt Disney Company, MPA, Amblin Partners and STARZ whom all share the common goal of achieving inclusive storytelling that is globally viable," said NALIP Executive Director Benjamin Lopez. 

Expressing gratitude to the support that the project has received, Lopez stressed how the pipeline could ensure the development and contribution of underrepresented communities towards new IP.

Lopez added that through the new incubator, they hope to find the next decision-makers in the industry and continue supporting them as they navigate their way through the industry.

"It is important for our production companies to give access to diverse producers," commented Latondra Newton, The Walt Disney Company's Chief Diversity Officer. 

She recognized NALIP's pool of great talent and hoped to tap into the Latinx network for the "next Kathleen Kennedys and Lin-Manuel Mirandas."

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