Has this ever occurred to you?

You're lying on your bed reading your favorite novel. Then suddenly, you feel some sort of chill down your spine - like someone had just touched you. Then you look back but couldn't find anyone there.

Believe it or not, we've all had similar experiences. And the only logical answer is this: it's an angelic touch.

We know this because it is the habit of angels to reach out to humans in mysterious ways. Sometimes it's in the form of a gentle touch. Other times it could be in the form of a repeating number sequence - like an angel number 111.

If you've been seeing angelic signs, but you aren't sure what they mean, then this post is for you. Read on to find out why your spiritual being is reaching out to you.

7 common angelic signs

Before discussing the reasons people see angelic signs, it's imperative to first establish what angelic signs actually are. This is so because not everybody knows an angelic sign when they see one.

1. Angel numbers

Angel numbers refer to a repeating number sequence like 111, 222, 444, 567, etc. When you find yourself stumbling across repetitive numbers like this, know that it could be a message from your angel.

For example, say you wake up and the time reads 4:44 AM. You board a taxi, and upon stepping in, you hear the driver playing 4:44 by Jay-Z. Then you turn on the news at work, only to hear 444 new COVID-19 victims had been discovered.

2. Feathers

Have you ever spotted feathers (especially big ones) or feathery elements in places you least expect them? If so, you don't have to overthink the 'why.' It is your angel trying to reach out to you.

3. Shiny coins

How many times have you stumbled on a shiny coin just sitting on the floor? I know you want to think it probably fell off the pocket of someone. But I tell you if it is shiny and old ones like pennies, dimes, nickels, etc. Then there's no doubt it is from your guardian angel.

4. Rainbows

Seeing rainbows without a sign of rain can be a message from the angels.

5. Ringing ears

Like your ear is ringing with sounds, but no one is playing music or beating anything around.

6. Sudden chills

We talked about this in the intro section. Like someone touched you, or a cool breeze blows you, or you find goosebumps appearing on your body out of nowhere.

7. Dreams or premonitions

This is the most common one. And the reason is because angels prefer to talk to humans when they're asleep. They know that's when they can best have your attention.

Common reasons you could be seeing angel signs

Now that you know what the signs are, what could be the reason you're seeing them?

1. Your attention is needed

Angelic signs could come to you when your guardian angel fears you are about to make a wrong decision. As your watchman, he's dedicated to making sure you never stray off your path to greatness. So when he senses a deviation, he might send you a warning sign to awaken you.

2. You're waking up spiritually

It takes a spiritually awakened mind to figure out an angel sign when they see one. So when you find yourself realizing an angelic sign, it could be a message from the angels that you're finally KEYing into their realm, and they want you to continue doing whatever you're doing that's awoken you.

3. You're not alone

Angelic signs usually come when you need divine support. Maybe you're chasing a new relationship, hunting a new job, adjusting to the loss of a loved one, etc.

When you see an angelic sign during any of these phases, just know that it's a message from your guardian angel that you're not alone. They're with you.

4. You're on the right path

Imagine you went to bed contemplating whether or not to attend an interview the following morning. Then strangely, you find yourself waking up around 1:11 AM. Because it's obviously too early in the morning, you go back to sleep. Then you wake up again at 3:33. You try to sleep back, and this time the clock reads 5:55.

Are you noticing the angel number pattern? It's not a coincidence. It's a message from the angels that that interview is the right path.

Remember, angel numbers are simply one of the ways angels speak to us. Not the only ones. Your sign could be different. So don't always expect to find angel numbers.

5. You're being watched over

Many people love to think they're alone in the world and that their safety solely falls on them. When you see angelic signs at your every turn, it's a way to let you know that you're being watched over.

You have a guardian angel who's dedicated to seeing that nothing happens to you. So smile and be happy, for your safety and security is DIVINE.

6. A reminder of who you are

The hustles and bustles of the world have made a lot of us forget who we truly are. Seeing angelic signs could be a message from the angels that we need to remember who we used to be.

7. You're in sync with your 'true self'

Human beings are spiritual beings, too. The daily hustles and bustles of life are what sever our connections to our divine selves.

When you find angel signs, consider yourself lucky. Because it simply means your physical self (your body) has finally located your spiritual self, and you're about to be whole again.