Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin is set to return to court for her manslaughter by negligence case over the shooting death of a Belize cop.

Hartin's attorney, Richard "Dickie" Bradley, told Belize station LoveFM that the socialite was expected to appear in court on Wednesday, but it was also expected that the matter would be adjourned.

Bradley noted that "no disclosure has been provided," so Hartin will simply return to the court, and the court will provide further instruction on when the socialite needs to return.

In criminal law, "disclosure" refers to the process of exchanging information between the parties to prepare for legal proceedings. Police must provide all statements and all documentary evidence and exhibits gathered during their investigation.

Bradley said there was no indication that evidence collected will be available when Hartin goes to court tomorrow, particularly in the serious charge of the Belize cop's death.

Hartin's attorney noted that he thinks the investigators would want "to cover as much ground" and get more evidence as they possibly can regarding the matter.

Jasmine Hartin earlier confessed to authorities that she was practicing loading a gun when it went off and fatally shot San Pedro Superintendent Henry Jemmott on a pier on May 28.

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Jasmine Hartin's Ex-Partner Granted Interim Custody of Kids

The socialite has also been attending court hearings in the past weeks in connection with the custody battle against her ex-husband Andrew Ashcroft, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Andrew Ashcroft was granted interim custody of their two children last month, New York Post reported. An interim order is a court's temporary order pending a final order. Hartin said that, in her own opinion, it was a very unfair outcome. Her lawyer, Bradley, agreed with her. 

In his latest interview with LoveFM, Bradley noted that he disagreed with the court's decision that the two kids temporarily stay with their father.

He said Hartin is the mother, and nothing can change that. He added that under the laws of Belize, an unmarried mother has custody of the children.

"The gentleman has not gone to the altar so the mother under the law has custody of the children," he noted.

Bradley earlier claimed that while Hartin was at a Belize jail, a representative of Andrew Ashcroft came with some documents about "her assets" and "handing over her shares" in the resort run by her ex-partner.

Hartin said she was asked to sign these documents in the men's lavatory since there were no other rooms. Bradley noted that "they had her sign over all her assets, all her shares."

The lawyer added that Hartin was also being pressured to sign over custody of the kids. However, the socialite did not sign those papers.

Manslaughter Case Over the Shooting Death of a Belize Cop

Jasmine Hartin and Henry Jemmott had been reportedly long-time friends. The Belize cop was socializing and drinking with Hartin on a secluded area of a hotel pier before his death.

Hartin said the Belize cop handed her his gun as they sat next to each other on the pier.

He then asked Hartin to demonstrate her gun skills to see if they had improved, Daily Mail reported. Hartin noted that Jemmott told her to get a gun for her own personal protection after a random man harassed her.

The socialite said that while she was trying to eject the magazine clip, she struggled with it, and that was when the gun went off.

Hartin said she had no idea that the gun still had a bullet. She was detained before she was charged with manslaughter by negligence in connection with the officer's death. She then paid for her bail, which was set at 30,000 Belize dollars.

Jasmine Hartin was also ordered to surrender her passport and personal documents as she was not allowed to leave the country without permission from the Supreme Court.

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