Music comes in different genres and different sounds, making it unique and pleasant to the ears once people hear them. Apart from the lyrics, curating melodies and discovering their sound might be challenging, but that is not the case for Florida singer and songwriter Noah Singer. 

In this issue of Latin Post's Artist of the Week, I was privileged to talk with the 23-year-old singer-songwriter, who might be one of the freshest artists in the music industry. 

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Noah Singer: Rising Artist From Florida

Singer shared that he was exposed to music in his younger years because his sister was a singer, along with his dad, whom he called a "big music fan." This made him exposed to different genres when he was a kid. 

Currently studying law at Charleston Law School, Singer experienced diving into music when he had musical theater during his undergrad. With a background in music, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter revealed that he started writing songs at the age of 22. 

Singer shared that he discovered his sound while curating his music, emphasizing that doing so is part of the learning process. 

"I'm still developing that sound... I'm just kinda putting my own individual sound bn everything and I guess that's just how it kinda turned out... a little different," Singer highlighted.  

After getting into songwriting, the 23-year-old Indie artist released his first album entitled "Journey" in November. Having not signed with any record labels or studios, Singer emphasized that a friend, who was introduced to him b his sister's best friend, helped him produce the songs. 

"Cameron [his friend] and I have similar styles when it comes to music," Singer noted, adding that his sister's best friend gave him Cameron's information, and they immediately clicked. 

When asked if he thinks it was destiny to be an artist, the singer-songwriter agreed and emphasized that Cameron was someone whom he met by coincidence rather than through school or other environments. 

Mentioning his inspiration in curating his music, Singer highlighted that most of his songs drew inspiration from his life and the relationships he had. He also shared that his family and peers influence him in writing his songs. 

At some point in the interview, Singer hinted that he was a little of a romantic man when he mentioned that one of his songs in his album, entitled "Love on the Brain," was inspired by his girlfriend. 

Lo-FI Artist Noah Singer's Album 'Journey'

The album Journey is composed of eight tracks with different genres and music styles such as Lo-fi, pop, and acoustic. Singer said that he wanted his sound style to be a mixture of everything in creating his music. His songs entitled Journey, Pictures on the Wall, and tough times are some of the Lo-fi songs present in his album. 

Lo-fi or low-fidelity music is a type of recording that contains technical flaws. Sounds such as hum or distortion are typically heard in this kind of recording.

"In my first album I really just wanted to come of a general vibe... music that I enjoy," Noah Singer said, mentioning some of the playlists he enjoys, such as those from Post Malone, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole. 

Noah Singer released his new song entitled "Sunrise" on Friday, Aug. 13. This Indie artist is open to navigate to different genres as he mentioned that he would release more songs within the year, touting a new country single coming out soon. 

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Written By: Joshua Summers