An Olympic champion from the country of Jamaica has tracked down the woman who gave him a taxi fare that made his Olympic dream possible.

According to Sky News, Jamaica's Hansle Parchment won gold in the 110m hurdles. But prior to his victorious run, he accidentally took the wrong bus and ended up in the wrong place for his semi-finals match. He ended up in what appeared to be the rowing venue. 

Fare to Success

Hansle Parchment was in danger of missing his race in Tokyo until she met a female volunteer who gave him the taxi fare to go to the stadium, where he prepared for his race and won it all.

Parchment said he was listening to music and could not hear anything and only saw the sign at the top of that bus stand saying, "athletics track." That's why it took him a while to notice that the bus was going the wrong way.

Parchment noted that he ended up at a different facility where he was told that he needed to go back to the Olympic Village to take another bus going to the correct stadium.

In his Instagram account, the Jamaica's hurdler wrote: "I saw this volunteer and I had to beg - because of course she's not allowed to do much - and she actually gave me some money to take one of the taxis."

"And that's how I was able to get to the warm-up track at the stadium, with enough time to warm-up and compete - and that's just awesome," he added.

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Act of Kindness From Olympian Hansle Parchment

After winning, the Olympic gold medalist set out on his journey to find the volunteer. He filmed himself while going to the place where he initially found the woman. 

When Hansle Parchment found the female volunteer, the Jamaican athlete showed her the medal and said he might not have won the medal if she had not helped him.

The volunteer, named Trijana, was surprised after Hansle Parchment told her that he was there to repay her and show something to her.

The 31-year-old Jamaican athlete told the female volunteer that she was the instrument for why he got to the finals that day. Parchment then pulling out his Olympic gold medal and handed it to Trijana.

After hearing the story of Parchment and seeing the gold medal, Trijana could not believe that the athlete got the gold medal. Aside from the cash that Hansle Parchment gave to repay the taxi fare, the hurdler also gave her a Jamaica shirt as a souvenir.

The act of generosity shown by the woman has been repaid spectacularly. A Jamaican news site reported that Jamaica's tourism minister had offered her a free trip to the island as a reward for her good deed. Trijana is currently lined up for a free trip and vacation to the island.

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