Eight-division world champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao hinted that he could retire after his fight with Yordenis Ugas and vowed to deliver an outstanding performance.

The 42-year-old legendary Filipino boxer will face Cuba's Ugas after American boxer Errol Spence Jr. withdrew from the fight due to an eye injury. 

Last Dance of Manny Pacquiao in Boxing? 

According to the Independent, the Philippine senator would be defending his WBA welterweight world title in Las Vegas next weekend and has now hinted that his 72nd professional fight could be his last.

Manny Pacquiao told Betway Insider US that he feels great, and his team has full confidence in his capabilities even at the age of 42. Pacman noted that his team told him that he still has what it takes to face elite, caliber opponents.

Pacquaio also said that despite the recuperation period of his 42-year-old body, which might not be the same compared to his recovery as a 25-year-old fighter, he still loves what he was doing. 

Manny Pacquaio noted that he still enjoyed the training and was learning more about himself on a daily basis. When asked about his strategy and training, Pacman said everything was top secret.

He said he trains and challenges himself every day, and he's inspired to perform at his best, "owing to the fact that this might be my last fight."

"I've never given predictions. I always climb the ring ready and prepared for everything... Everything is at stake as this might be my last fight. I might as well finish the race with a spectacular performance," Pacquiao noted.

He added that "legacies are subjective to the minds of the fans. Of course, a win for me after so long out would be very grand for my country and family."

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Adjustments of Manny Pacquaio's Camp

On Thursday, Manny Pacquiao's corner has already started to alter his fight plan and used sparring sessions against three boxers to make the key adjustment for his fight against Ugas.

The camp of Pacman came up with a new strategy after they had watched videos of his upcoming rival inside the ring. The footage of the past games of Ugas allowed the eight-division champion's corner to familiarize themselves with the fighting style of the Cuban fighter.

The corner of Manny Pacquiao noticed that Ugas had an awkward, slouching stance when he faced shorter opponents and was capable of slipping timely counterpunches against left-handed power punchers, which could be a difference-maker in their upcoming match.

Pacman's trainer Buboy Fernandez compared Ugas to Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao's childhood friend turned trainer cited the Mexican boxer, who had the well-timed counter punch that knocked Pacquiao out cold in the last of their four fights.

Fernandez said that they were making sure that a knockout would not happen again. He added that Manny Pacquiao already started practicing the strategy against boxers Giovanni Cabrera, AB Lopez, and Ivan Redkach, who were given specific instructions to mimic the tendencies of Ugas.

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