"Havana" singer Camila Cabello talked about having her own large "Familia" as she touted the production of her new album, following the success of her new single that kicked off in the music charts in recent weeks.

In an interview, Cabello, who will also star in the 2021 film adaptation of the hit fairytale "Cinderella," talked about having a large family in the future as well as sharing her experience in filming her hit single "Don't Go Yet."

The singer earlier opened up about making her third studio album "Familia." The "Never Be The Same" singer said that she was dreaming of her own large family in the future, describing it as a "dream scenario," not only in the sense of having "kids and grandkids and stuff," but also having friends and friends that grew over the years.

"I think that def like the dream to get to that point, where you just have a whole table of people that you love and love you," Cabello shared.

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Camila Cabello's 'Familia' Included in the Music Video of 'Don't Go Yet'

Camila Cabello's comments about having her own large family came as she shared her experience while filming the music video of her most recent single entitled "Don't Go Yet."

The "Señorita" singer noted that the music video for her latest song was "super fun to film" as her dad, mom, sister, cousins, and friends were there.

"You know, people were drunk. It was a vibe," the former Fifth Harmony member highlighted.

It can be recalled that the singer received a backlash when she performed "Don't Go Yet" on a show, where audiences noticed that a White man was painted black while they were performing. Cabello explained that the song's theme was the 80's and not try to make everyone look Latin.

When asked about whom she said "Don't Go Yet" to, Cabello said it would be her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. The singer noted that she said "Don't Go Yet" to Mendes when the "Stitches" singer said he wanted to work out.

Camila Cabello on Her Music

Camila Cabello said she learned to trust her instincts to make decisions when it comes to her music. The singer noted that in the past, she would ask everyone's opinions on her music.

"With art, you either resonate with it, and like it, or you don't," Cabello said. The singer further noted that the first person who should know about how she feels is herself.

It seems that Camila Cabello would continue to top up her career. Apart from the release of her new album, the singer would also star in the upcoming adaptation of "Cinderella."

Premiering on Amazon Prime on the third of September, with a twist. Unlike the previous version of the fairytale, the film would center on self-discovery, as the protagonist would be busy building her fashion empire.

Camila Cabello would play the role of the protagonist named "Ella." The singer said the film would show that the protagonist, with dreams and ambitions, wants to save herself without a prince and anybody else.

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