Pop icon Britney Spears is facing a new hurdle as her housekeeper accused her of hitting her over a dispute. The said incident placed the singer under investigation for a misdemeanor battery.

Ventura County Sherriff's Office said the incident occurred at Spears' home in Southern California on Monday, NBC News reported.

The sheriff's office noted that the officers tried to reach out to the "Toxic" singer, but the pop star would not speak with them. In response, the sheriff's office would forward the investigation results to the Ventura County District Attorney's Office for potential consideration of misdemeanor battery charges.

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Britney Spears Under Investigation for Battery

According to reports, the housekeeper claimed that Britney Spears confronted her when she returned to the house at around 10:25 a.m. The 39-year-old pop icon allegedly slapped the housekeeper's phone out of her hands.

The housekeeper immediately called the authorities and then went to the sheriff's station to file a report against the singer. The deputies then went to the home of the singer and conducted an investigation.

Officials noted that there were no injuries during the confrontation. The nature of the dispute was still unclear, but reports said the altercation between the singer and her longtime housekeeper stemmed from dog care.

The housekeeper allegedly took Spears's pets to the vet without the pop star's permission.

Spears' lawyer called the allegations a "sensational tabloid fodder." In a statement, Matthew Rosengart, the pop star's lawyer and a former federal prosecutor, said the incident was "nothing but an overblown misdemeanor," which was about a cellphone.

Rosengart noted that the incident did not involve "striking," as he reiterated that there were no injuries over the dispute.

"Anyone can make an accusation. This should have been closed immediately," Spears lawyer added.

Britney Spears and Other Battles

Apart from the investigation, the singer is also fighting for her freedom. Britney Spears tries to remove her father as the conservator of her estate. She said she would not perform while his dad retains control.

It can be recalled that Spears had a major win in the court battle as her father, Jamie Spears, agreed to step down as the conservator of the "Womanizer" singer, and he pledged to participate in an "orderly transition" to a new legal arrangement.

According to the court papers, Jamie Spears "intends to work with the court and his daughter's new attorney," and arrange an orderly transition to a new conservator.

Despite agreeing to step down as the singer's conservator, Jamie Spears' lawyer noted that there were no actual grounds available to step back. They also did not provide a specific time when Spears' father would step down from the role.

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears' lawyer was delighted about his client's decision, adding that the singer's father should remain silent and immediately step down from the role.

Britney Spears' career was reported to be in the hands of her legal guardians since 2008.

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