San Diego climate advocates encouraged federal officials to support legislation that aims to control climate change on Thursday, when they conducted a rally in City Heights.

The San Diego climate advocates said the latest United Nations climate report warned that to keep the worst climate change scenarios from happening, governments worldwide would need to do future and bold actions immediately.

San Diego Rally for Green New Deal

San Diego climate advocates joined other activists around the U.S. to urge lawmakers in both houses to support the $3.5 trillion spending plan of President Joe Biden. 

Advocates supported the measure because it includes money for projects left out of the senate approved bipartisan infrastructure plan.

According to KPBS, community organizer and former San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez said the bill would not only improve the lives of every working family, but would also enable them to address the threat of climate change.

Climate advocates also called on representatives in the region to vote for the measure once it hit for voting in the house of representatives.

Karinna Gonzalez with Hammond Climate Solutions called the attention of the local Democratic leaders during the rally. Gonzalez called the names of representatives Juan Vargas, Scott Peters, Mike Levin, and Sara Jacobs and asked them to deliver their campaign promises. 

Gonzalez also emphasized that the representatives should give the communities the much-needed investments that they deserve and desperately need.

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Federal Budget Focuses on Environmental-friendly Answers

The massive federal investment would focus on numerous initiatives that would help the underserved neighborhoods of San Diego. The federal investment would also help in slowing down the climate change experienced on the planet.

The federal budget calls for a major investment in electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure to make it a sufficient project and support the change from fossil fuel vehicles. 

Aside from the targeted environmentally-friendly vehicles, they would also check the expansion of public transportation, which would lessen hazardous emissions that are destroying the earth's protection layer for years.

The spending plan would also pay for the removal of lead pipes in inner-city homes. The lead pipes' presence could result in lead water contamination that may result in cardiovascular effects, increased blood pressure, and incidence of hypertension. It could also decrease kidney function and reproductive problems.

San Diego City council member Sean Elo-Rivera said these things should be included not because they would be nice to have but because those who bear the brunt of climate change are their most vulnerable neighbors, which include many people in City Heights and throughout district nine and all of San Diego.

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Written by: Jess Smith

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