The title match between Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugas is about to start to begin. But, before the welterweight title match starts, many things are happening in the undercard matches. 

Pacquiao-Ugas Update: Magsayo KOs Ceja in 10th Round Using His Lightning Fast Rights! Experts Share Their Main Event Picks
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This includes the shocking KO that Mark Magsayo executed against the Mexican contender, Julio Ceja. The battle between the two is for the latest Featherweight title match, which is just a few weight levels before the welterweight boxing matchup.

Bad Left Hook reported that the Filipino boxer now has a total of 23 wins with 16 knockouts. On the other hand, Ceja's ranking went down to 32-5-1. Magsayo already showed his light fast jabs in the first round after landing a clean hit on his opponent's face.

However, the Mexican contender also showed his skills by pinning his opponent to the boxing ring's ropes, continuously attacking the body.

After that, the fight's momentum has changed in the 5th round once again, allowing the Pinoy fighter to use his fast counter-right punches and left jabs.

Ceja Hits Canvas in the 10th Round

According to Sports Life's latest report, round 10 was the deciding part of the match between the two featherweight boxers. With Magsayo's dedication, he was able to push his Mexican competitor to the ropes.

Pacquiao-Ugas Update: Magsayo KOs Ceja in 10th Round Using His Lightning Fast Rights! Experts Share Their Main Event Picks

(Photo : Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 21: Mark Magsayo (R) knocks down Julio Ceja in the first round of a featherweight bout at T-Mobile Arena on August 21, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Magsayo won by a 10th-round knockout.

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But, Ceja never backed down against his opponent and hit his jaw with his strong left straight. Although it was a clean shot, the Filipino fighter did not wobble and continuously released light jabs.

His last combo started with a fast left hook, followed by another left jab a few seconds later. Despite Ceja's dodging skills, Magsayo's right hook still landed on his face.

After seeing that his opponent was slowly hitting the ground, the Filipino boxer followed up another right jab, hitting his opponent's left temple.

To celebrate his KO victory, Mark did a back flip in front of the crowd while Julio was still lying on the floor.

Experts Share Their Picks for PacMan Vs. Ugas Match

Before the main event starts, various sports analysts already shared their picks. 

"My guess is his fairy tale ends here, with Pacquiao ambushing him early, and either stopping him or scoring a comfortable decision. Pacquiao by seventh-round knockout," said Dylan Hernandez, an L.A. Times sports columnist. 

Aside from Hernandez, Kevin Iole, another sports combat writer, believes that Pacquiao has a high chance of winning the fight. However, he explained that he needs to avoid getting pinned to the ropes. 

Based on Los Angeles Times' latest report, it seems like most of the sports critics are on the side of PacMan in the upcoming welterweight title match.  

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