Brazilian football legend Pelè on Monday was placed in ICU for recovery, following a surgery that removed a tumor out of his body.

The announcement was made by the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, which treated the football legend, claiming that Pelè will be released from the ICU on Tuesday.

According to the hospital, the tumor was discovered on Pelè during a "routine" cardiovascular and laboratory examinations. The hospital further noted in their statement that the said tumor was sent for pathological analysis.

The Brazilian football legend was treated since August 31. Further details on Pelè's condition were not released by the hospital.

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Brazilian Football Legend Pelè Says He's "Feeling Very Well" After Surgery

On Monday, the Brazilian football superstar also took to Instagram to announce his condition and share with his fans about the medical journey he went through. Pelè paired his narrative with his photo smiling and looking good in his football uniform.

He also used his platform to thank the people who sent him "kind messages," and the doctors who cared for his health. Pelè then shared that the surgery happened on Saturday, where a "suspicious" lesion on his right colon was removed.

"I will face this match with a smile on my face, a lot of optimism and joy for living surrounded by the love of my family and friends," the Brazilian football legend said in his caption.

Earlier on Monday, Pelè's business manager, Joe Fraga, said that there was no cause for concern.

The announcement of the football superstar's surgery came after he denied reports about him fainting.

"Guys, I didn't faint and I'm in very good health," Pelè said in his Twitter account, adding that he went to the hospital due to the routine exams which he was not able to attend because of the pandemic.

Although the Brazilian football superstar claimed that he was in good condition, it was not the first time that Pelè made his trip to the hospital.

In April 2019, the footballer made various trips to a hospital in Paris due to a severe urinary tract infection. In 2014, the athlete also experienced another serious urinary tract infection as he was placed in ICU and underwent dialysis. Furthermore, Pelè also had a kidney stone removed.

In the previous year, Pelè's son said that his father was depressed over the footballer's health, adding that the Brazilian legend was "reluctant" to leave the house as he cannot walk without assistance. However, Pelè later publicly denied his son's statement.

Brazilian Legend Pelè on the Football Field

Despite the series of trips in the hospital, 80-year-old Pelè showed his skills in football in his younger years, as the Brazilian legend was part of the national teams that won at least three World Cup Championships in 1958, 1962, and 1970.

After the 1958 World Cup, he was declared a national treasure by the Brazilian government to avoid European clubs giving him large offers and make sure that he would remain in Brazil.

In 1974, the Brazilian legend announced his retirement 1974. However, in 1975, Pelè agreed to a three-year contract amounting to $700 million with the New York Cosmos to promote the game in the U.S. Pelè retired in 1977 after he led Cosmos to the league championship.

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