Eight months after the January 6 Capitol attack, the building would be placed in tight security again, and the fence would be put back up ahead of a planned weekend demonstration.

According to WFLA, the U.S Capitol Police released a statement on Monday regarding the demonstration planned for September 18 in support of the people arrested during the January 6 riot.

Associated Press reported that the September 18 demonstration is being organized by Matt Braynard, a former campaign strategist for former President Donald Trump. Braynard has recently been focusing his attention on what he calls the "prisoners" being unfairly prosecuted for their involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot.

Although the information gathered by the AP on the projected crowd size and the intensity of the planned rally is still unclear, the Capitol Police said they are prepared for any possible situation.

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger noted that they would be there to protect everyone's First Amendment right to peacefully protest. He also urged anyone thinking about causing trouble to stay at their home, saying they would enforce the law and would not tolerate violence.

On Monday, the Capitol Police Board approved the establishment of a fence surrounding the U.S. Capitol. The fence was first put up after the January 6 riot, but it was taken down in July.

Manger said if everything goes well, the fence will only go up a day or two prior to the rally, and they will take it down as soon as everything goes well.

Aside from the fence around the Capitol, the Capitol Police Board also issued an emergency declaration last week that would allow the department to "deputize outside law enforcement officers as United States Capitol Police Special Officers." The declaration is set to go into effect around the time of the demonstration.

Manger said they wanted to reassure everyone that these measures were just temporary and would only be utilized to ensure everyone's safety. Manger also expressed his gratitude to the local community and stakeholders for their help.

The Capitol Police noted that meetings and plannings regarding the September 18 demonstration had been held since last month.

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Capitol Police Arrest California Man with Knives

The Capitol Police arrested a 44-year-old Oceanside, California resident on Monday morning due to possession of prohibited weapons. 

Authorities spotted Donald Craighead's vehicle near DNC headquarters at around midnight, and they noticed that the Dodge Dakota pickup truck of Craighead was decorated with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols.

When the Capitol Police officers spotted the bayonet and the machete inside Craighead's vehicle, they immediately arrested the California man because it was illegal in the Capital.

During questioning, Craighead allegedly claimed that he was "on patrol" and spoke about white supremacist ideology to the authorities.

The Capitol Police department said they would also investigate if Craighead was planning to attend the upcoming September 18 demonstration.

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