President Joe Biden on Sunday signed California's disaster declaration, a day before he kicks off in a tour to the west coast, as the region faces damaging wildfires in the recent months.

On late Sunday, the White House confirmed that Biden confirmed that a "major disaster exists in the State of California." Furthermore, the White House underscored that the president ordered, "federal assistance to support the state, tribal, and local recovery efforts in the areas which are affected by the Caldor fire."

It can be recalled that the president also approved disaster declarations for the Dixie fire and the River fire, ABC 10 reported. The outlet furthered that Governor Newsom sent a request to President Biden to approve a disaster declaration for the Caldor Fire.

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President Joe Biden to Stop in California to Survey Caldor Wildfire Damages in the State

On Monday, the president is scheduled to stop in Sacramento, California to survey the damages caused by the wildfires in the state.

Officials from the California Office of Emergency were reported to brief President Biden about the fires. A schedule of Biden's itinerary from the White House revealed that the president planned for an aerial tour of the area that was ravaged by the Caldor fire.

The president was expected to end his wildfire tour with a speech on rebuilding, infrastructure plans, and climate change.

The schedule of Biden's itinerary was announced by the White House, as the Caldor fire, which was marked as the 15th biggest wildfire in the state's history, charred at least 218,950 acres as of Sunday, and is now 65 percent contained, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Also on Sunday, a part of Highway 50 and more evacuation orders were lifted for the Caldor fire in El Dorado County. However, officials confirmed that the said highway remained closed from 36 Mile Stone new Kyburtz to Sawmill Road, which is located about a mile and a half from South Lake Tahoe.

The Caldor Fire was not the only wildfire that wreaked havoc across California. It can be recalled that the River fire charred at least 2,400 acres of land, while the Dixie Fire was responsible for the blackening of land at least 960,000 acres.

More than 6,800 wildfires, large and small, in California alone, charred an estimated total of 1.7 million acres of land this season.

President Joe Biden's Other Businesses in California

Apart from surveying the ravaged lands caused by the wildfires, the president has other agendas to tackle in the state of California.

White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy shared in an interview that the president would discuss his "Build Back Better" agenda and promote clean energy jobs as a solution to climate change.

Moreover, President Biden would also join Gavin Newsom in a rally to show support for the California governor as the state's recall election nears. On September 8, Vice President Kamala Harris also joined the Democratic governor to urge the Californians to vote "No" in the upcoming elections.

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