Former CIA director during the Obama administration, Michael Morell, called on the Biden administration on Sunday to investigate the recent Kabul drone attack that allegedly killed 10 Afghanistan civilians, including children, instead of ISIS-K bombers.

Morell's comments came after reports surfaced that the target on the drone attack, Zemari Ahmadi, was mistaken as an ISIS-K bomber. Ahmadi was reported to be an aid worker for a charity based in Pasadena, California.

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Ex-Obama CIA Director on the Drone Attack: "It Needs to be Investigated"

The comments of the ex-CIA director stemmed out when he was asked in an interview if the U.S. killed the ISIS-K members that were the target of the attack.

Morell dodged the question pointing out the people need to remember that the drone attack in Kabul was carried out from the assets of the United States who were on the grounds of Afghanistan.

Morell then highlighted that the incident needs to be investigated.

"You know what happened here, it needs to be investigated," Obama's former CIA director said.

Morell further noted that he hopes the Biden administration tells the Americans publicly what exactly happened in the drone attack and explains if ever the U.S. made a mistake.

The former CIA director recalled that former President Barack Obama was "very strong" on being open about making mistakes with drone strikes. Morell continued that the Biden administration needs to do the same.

When asked about whether the CIA or the Pentagon should address the drone attack issue, Morell pointed out that the White House should be the one to explain.

Ex-Obama CIA Director on Afghanistan's Taliban Effect

The former CIA director also mentioned the Taliban effect, explaining that the U.S. withdrawal in the South Asian country inspired the jihadists worldwide, as the group claimed that they beat both the United States and the National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Morell predicted that many jihadists will travel to Afghanistan, making the country more dangerous than any other place in the globe.

Apart from the Taliban effect, the former CIA director also shared that the Taliban is now harboring the "Al Qaeda today," New York Daily News reported, as he expressed his worry in the presence of the group in the South Asian country.

"The most important thing that a terrorist group can have, the most important determinant of success is a safe haven," Morell said. He added that the group has a haven in Afghanistan, and they cannot have it elsewhere.

In the interview, Morell also mentioned that the intelligence community predicted that Al Qaeda could bounce back as quickly as 12 months in Afghanistan.

The former CIA director furthered that to be ready on the threat of Al Qaeda, that the U.S. needs to collect two types of intelligence such as making sure that Al Qaeda is not "rebuilding its capabilities" to attack the United States once again and collect information that gives the precision to conduct strikes.

However, the ex-Obama CIA director noted that they have not yet figured out the said information.

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