Ex-Obama CIA Director, Michael Morell

Ex-Obama CIA Director Calls on Biden Administration to Investigate the Afghanistan Drone Strike

Ex-Obama CIA director Michael Morell says the Biden administration needs to investigate the drone attack in Afghanistan.
Barack Obama ‘Scaled-Down’ Birthday Party Seems to Be Flocked With A-List Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes

Barack Obama’s ‘Scaled-Down’ Birthday Party Seems to Be Flocked With A-List Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes

Former president Barack Obama's guests began to arrive in the venue of his "scaled-down" birthday party at a Massachusetts island as early as Friday afternoon.
President Barack Obama

Barack Obama's AMA on Reddit: Tips to Ensure Success for Recent Graduates

Many students are graduating this May and many hard decisions will need to be taken. Some students will be unemployed while others will already be out with a job. Others will be working on forming their own companies while others will still try and figure out what it is they want to do with their lives. President Obama shares some important tips on his AMA on how to succeed as a recent graduate.
President Obama in Warsaw, Poland

President Obama Calls on Russian President Vladimir Putin to End Aggressive Actions in Ukraine

President Obama called on Russia to stop its aggressive actions in Ukraine while in Warsaw, Poland, Tuesday.
VA Secretary Shinseki

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki Resigns; President Obama Says Issues are 'Unacceptable'

Amid scandal, Shinseki resigns.
Five Million Undocumented Immigrants Could Receive Protection as GOP Considers Government Shutdown

Tea Party Voters Want Immigration Reform, Obama Delays Deportation Review

GOP Tea Party voters and conservative Republicans have verbalized the need to press forward with immigration reform. In spite of this, President Barack Obama has delayed a review of deportation policies, which won’t be addressed until the end of the summer, in hopes that Congress will approve a complete overhaul of immigration laws.
Barack Obama

President Obama Plans to Keep 5,000 Troops in Afghanistan in 2015, Official Says

President Obama will announce plans to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014, according to senior officials.
David Theo Goldberg

Developer of VL Innovators Challenge Sees Technology's Effect on the Changing Face of Racism

Ethnicity and ethics are intertwined, particularly in a society where race affects socioeconomic status, education, careers, housing discrimination, health care, technology, class wealth and experiences of racism — both covert and overt.
President Barack Obama

President Obama Says There Are 'Two, Maybe Three Months' Left to Pass Bipartisan Immigration Bill

President Obama pushed for the passage of an immigration reform bill Tuesday, saying there is little time left to pass the bill prior to the midterm elections. Obama told the group that after August, the attention will be on the November elections, and Congress will be less likely to focus on the passage of immigration reform.
Obama, Jennifer Lopez

Is J.Lo Married to the President? Mexican Housing Ad Features Jennifer Lopez and Barack Obama as Couple

This may be the strangest thing you see today.
President Obama

President Obama Names New White House Counsel

President Barack Obama has named W. Neil Eggleston, a veteran attorney, as his new White House counsel.
Putin Obama

Obama and Putin Have "Tense" Phone Call Over Crimea

Obama warns Russia to stop displaying aggression.

Hispanic Labor Union Leader Eliseo Medina Arrested, Obama Says "Whole Country Hears You"

Eliseo Medina is one of the loudest voices for reform
US President Barack Obama

U.S.-Venezuela Relations Continue to Suffer as Tourist Visas No Longer Offered to First Time Applicants

Disney World has fallen victim to the increased tension between the U.S. and Venezuela.

Which Sweet 16 Matchup On Thursday Is The Best?

The NCAA Tournament has been full of surprises, but what will happen in Day 1 of the Sweet 16?

President Obama Fills Out NCAA Tournament Bracket; Which Team Did He Pick To Win It All?

How in the world did the Commander-in-Chief squeeze in enough time out of his schedule to fill out an NCAA Tournament Bracket?
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