A Florida nurse has pleaded guilty on Friday after admitting to threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris multiple times in a series of videos sent to her imprisoned husband earlier this year.

Niviane Petit Phelps told a Secret Service investigator that she was upset that Harris was named the vice president. The 39-year-old Florida nurse added that she believed that Kamala Harris was not Black and did not place her hand on a Bible during her inauguration.

Phelps pleaded guilty to a six-count indictment, including charges of threats against the vice president, and she now faces up to five years of imprisonment. 

According to a criminal complaint, the Florida nurse knowingly and willfully made threats to kill and inflict bodily harm upon the vice president from February 13 through February 18.

The Florida nurse has applied for a concealed weapon permit in February, New York Daily News reported. Phelps, a licensed practical nurse, was scheduled to be sentenced on November 19.

The former nurse worked at the Jackson Memorial Medical Center's Ambulatory Care Center West for 20 years. She was reportedly fired after the arrest. 

Authorities arrested Phelps in April after she was considered a danger to the community.

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Florida Nurse Records Videos of Her Threatening to Kill Kamala Harris

Niviane Petit Phelps had sent videos to her husband, who is imprisoned in Crawfordville, through JPay, a computer application that allows families to connect with prisoners. An inspector then sent the videos to the Secret Service.

In one of the six 30-second videos, the Florida nurse threatened to kill Kamala Harris and claimed she had been paid $53,000 to kill the vice president and was "the hit man." 

The Florida nurse was also recorded saying: "Today is your (Kamala Harris) day you're gonna die. 50 days from today, mark this day down."

Another video also showed Niviane Petit Phelps saying that she would kill the vice president if she saw her on the streets.

"I'm going to the gun range, just for your ass, until you f**in' leave the chair," Phelps noted.

The Florida nurse also sent a photo of herself with a handgun at a gun range and smiling next to a target sheet. Another photo sent by the Black nurse showed her teenage son holding a pistol and a target.

Florida Nurse's Attorney on Kamala Harris' Death Threats

Niviane Petit Phelps' defense attorney, Scott Saul, said the Florida nurse never had any intent to carry out any threats. Saul noted that Phelps was only going through a tumultuous time in her life and just venting.

"Ms. Phelps has led an honorable life until this incident... Ms. Phelps has pled guilty, but she plans on demonstrating significant mitigating circumstances," the lawyer said.

Meanwhile, the Florida nurse's mother earlier told NBC 6 that she hopes the charges can be dropped as her daughter is "sick." She added that Niviane Petit Phelps does not even know what she's doing.

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