An amputee will be entering the ring for his first professional boxing debut in West Tennessee at Agricenter Worldwide on Friday.

According to News Channel 5, Langston Stevenson, wearing a prosthetic leg in his fight, will be making his debut as a fighter inside the ring on September 24.

Professional Boxer with a Prosthetic Leg

The Nashville man will display his skills like no different boxer within the sport despite the prosthetics in his leg.

Randall Venson, Stevenson's coach at Worldwide Boxing Academy of Nashville, said that it's important in boxing to have nice steadiness, and that's what he liked about Langston Stevenson.

Stevenson's coach added that despite being a sport that requires so much leg steadiness and endurance, Stevenson so far proved and placed himself in a position to overcome his weakness of having a prosthetic leg.

Venson shared that he first noticed Langston Stevenson when he was sparring with a knowledgeable fighter. At the time, Venson said that he was amazed that Stevenson just might reach what the professional boxer did.

Also, what caught his attention was the toughness displayed by the amputated boxer. Venson said that the toughness to take the punches is what he liked about Stevenson the most.

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Amputee Pursues His Dream Fighting Career

According to Langston Stevenson, he used to practice jiu-jitsu and played even in matches. He also said that before his accident in April 2015, he was coming from a jiu-jitsu tournament.

However, his crash stopped him from pursuing a fighting career. Stevenson noted that he slept behind the wheel on the night of his crash, which resulted in a crash right into a pole five minutes from his home.

At first, during his medication at the hospital, it seemed like Stevenson's left leg may very well be saved, but his doctors delivered information that made him decide to cut off his leg.

"Finally the docs got here to me and mentioned 'hey man, your leg simply will not maintain up.' So, I made the choice to go forward and get it taken off," Stevenson said.

Months later, after his automobile crash that resulted in him dropping a part of his leg, Stevenson took up boxing.

For him, Langston Stevenson said doing boxing means that he has never given up on his dream. The amputee noted that it also implies that it doesn't matter, even if you were handicapped.

"It implies that it doesn't matter what anyone goes by, not simply amputees, simply anyone in life we are able to push by it," he said.

The fight of Langston Stevenson would be at the "Memphis Friday Evening Boxing" event produced by One One Six Boxing Promotions & Mike Cook Boxing.

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