Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, confirmed that the swingman Andrew Wiggins already got his COVID-19 vaccine and shared that he would be playing their home games in the upcoming season.

Steve Kerr Confirms Andrew Wiggins' COVID-19 Vaccination

According to ESPN, the 56-year-old NBA legend and currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr said during the press interview after Sunday's practice that Wiggins received his COVID-19 vaccination and the go signal to play during the Warriors' home games.

Kerr stated that the 26-year-old rising star in the league told him that his condition was fine after he got his vaccination.

However, Kerr refused to answer further questions regarding Wiggins' vaccination issue and said that he was not going to answer any questions beyond his statement.

The topic regarding Wiggins' vaccination status came into question before the start of their training camp in San Francisco where they faced restrictions from the City Department of Public Health.

The health department recently announced that individuals who were 12 years or older had to be fully vaccinated when they needed to attend indoor events in the area.

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Golden State Warriors COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The Wiggins' vaccination issue drew even more attention during Warriors media day last Monday. The Warriors forward said during an interview that COVID-19 vaccination was his issue to deal with, and not by the reporters. Prior to his statement, Wiggins was asked regarding the money that he was about to lose in his contract if he would not get vaccinated.

"It's my problem. Not yours," he said at the time.

Moreover, Wiggins applied for a religious exemption to the NBA, but his request was declined by the league.

Meanwhile, Kerr and the Warriors chose not to go into any specifics about Wiggins' decision or the type of shot he received, but Wiggins would not be forced to miss any regular-season action after his jab.

Also, months ago, GWS players, coaches, and its staff got the shot.

After noting that Warriors players and coaches were now 100% vaccinated, Kerr said that he's not going to answer any questions related to the COVID-19 vaccination. He said that it was all anybody needs to know and he was happy to talk about their recent practice or their games.

Furthermore, Kerr said that he would be expecting forwards Wiggins, Draymond Green, and Warriors superstar Stephen Curry to play in their preseason opener against the Portland Trail Blazers led by Damian Lillard on Monday.

While the minutes remain unclear, Kerr was hopeful that his starters would play somewhere around 20 minutes during the preseason matchup against their rival team in the Western Conference.

On October 21, the Warriors would be facing the Los Angeles Clippers led by Paul George prior to the regular-season home opener.

On the other hand, the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health is imposing an Oct. 13 deadline for vaccination of staff in local businesses.

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