After an electrician got in a dispute with his supervisor, he attacked his colleagues at the Florida home that they shared on a temporary work project, resulting in the deaths of three of his coworkers and injuring a fourth, Sheriff says.

Man Attacks Coworkers in Florida

According to Associated Press, the suspect, Shaun Runyon, and his coworkers were living in Davenport, Florida. while they worked temporarily at a supermarket for a Pennsylvania electric company.

Davenport is a city in Polk County which is about 35 miles southwest of Orlando in central Florida.

Based on the report of PennLive Patriot News, the 39-year-old got into the argument with his supervisor on Friday. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a news conference that Shaun Runyon, a resident of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, punched his supervisor and fled the job site.

Moreover, Runyon returned to the shared home where he and seven coworkers and their families were living. Judd said that upon his arrival, he started to attack them with a knife and baseball bat, beating one man to death while he slept.

The second victim of the attack was found dead on the front porch of the shared home.

The third victim was found critical in the shared home after being beaten by the suspect, he was brought to a medical facility but he later died at a hospital.

The fourth victim was chased by Runyon into the street and struck wirh the bat but he survived the attack. Judd said that another man managed to escape unharmed with his wife and 7-year-old daughter.

After the attack on his coworkers, Runyon fled the home in Davenport, leaving a bloody trail that eventually went cold.

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Killer's Bloody Trail In Florida

Florida authorities said that the Davenport attack prompted a large-scale manhunt involving dozens of deputies, drones, K-9 units, and a helicopter.

Hours later after he fled, the sheriff said that Runyon turned up at the home of a Lake Wales couple, still wearing bloody clothes, and told them that he'd been raped. The Polk County Sheriff Judd said that the suspect discarded his bloody clothes at the home of the Lake Wales couple. He was later on urged by the couple to go to the hospital where he was later taken into custody.

The sheriff cleared that Runyon was not injured in the incident and the charges would be filed against him. Authorities said that the identities of Runyon's victims were not immediately released.

Furthermore, Judd said that Runyon knew all of his victims, and authorities have no idea what triggered him so badly that prompted him later to come back and kill his coworkers.

Prior to the attack, Runyon already had a violent criminal history, the sheriff said. It included a violent arrest dealing with strangulation in the state of Pennsylvania.

Based on a report, Runyon was charged in May with strangulation. The charge was considered a second-degree felony. Also, he committed a series of misdemeanors, including endangering the welfare of children, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment.

The Northampton County court records showed that Runyon was released after he posted 10% of his $75,000 set bail on May 28. A formal arraignment hearing on the strangulation charge and misdemeanors was scheduled for October 14.

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