A social media user shared a photo of a 1970's cocaine-snorting kit that her friend found in her grandmother's belonging, and it's now going viral.

According to Newsweek, the image of a small and smart-looking leather pouch, with drug paraphernalia inside, was posted by Reddit user Hmoonves. It has garnered thousands of upvotes after being posted on the discussion website.

Grandmother's Cocaine-Snorting Kit

The Reddit user wrote in the caption that her friend found the "old school cocaine kit from the 70s" when she was cleaning out her grandmother's belongings.

In the photo, a glass vial to hold the cocaine can be seen inside the pouch. There was also a small silver spoon for sniffing scoops of the illegal powder. 

It also comes with a razor blade, which was used for cutting up lines. There was also a tube used for sniffing larger quantities of the illegal drug and a slice of agate stone to use as a surface when snorting.

According to Newsweek, the leather pouch is most likely a vintage cocaine Frost-Ade kit made in California and described as an accessory used for "truly exquisite snorting."

The discovery made the family aware that their grandmother partook in using cocaine, the glamour drug of the '70s. 

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Reddit Users React on Cocaine-Snorting Kit Photo

The prohibition of selling cocaine in the U.S. that started in 1914 did not stop drug users from innovating through the years. The cocaine accessories used for taking the drug were widely available in the 1970s.

Despite the imposed law that required cocaine and other narcotics to be dispensed only with a doctor's order, there were many advertisements brazenly promoting such kits in the rising drug market at the time.

As of Friday afternoon, the photograph of the cocaine kit has already garnered more than 40,000 upvotes on Reddit. Many people also took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the interesting find.

One Reddit user commented that grandma called it the "powder room" for a reason, with another user adding "just going to powder my nose."

A user asked if the pouch came "with any old school cocaine." One user quipped: "My dearie, for your birthday, I knitted you 3,136 sweaters." Some users commented that the grandmother definitely liked to party. 

"They didn't call her gram gram for nothin," a user said. Another person wrote: "Mad props to your G-ma. May she be resting in peace underneath the biggest disco ball with lines as far as the bloodshot eyes can see!"

In the 1970s, the devices and gadgets up for sale for cocaine users also included a spray to ease irritated nostrils. There were also products to keep the powder dry and free of clumps.

There was also ostentatious gear such as ornately carved, ivory snorting straws and gold-plated razor blades because a rolled-up dollar bill simply won't do on an illegal drug that was luxurious at the time. 

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