Dr. Anthony Fauci said that kids can enjoy the upcoming Halloween trick or treating on the streets, contending that the activity will be done outdoors.

Fauci gave his comments during an interview on Sunday, saying that he understood the situation since his children also enjoy the occasion, New York Post reported.

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Dr. Fauci on Halloween

In an interview with CNN, the nation's top infectious disease expert sounded his approval on the trick or treating, a year after it was labeled a "high-risk" activity because of the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News reported.

It can be recalled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised households in the previous year to leave the candy bars at their front door or driveways to minimize contact with strangers during Halloween.

"You can get out there - you're outdoors for the most part, at least when my children were out there doing trick-or-treating - and enjoy it," Dr. Fauci said.

The infectious disease expert then underscored that Halloween is a very important part of the year for the kids.

"Go out there and enjoy Halloween, as well as other holidays that will be coming up," Fauci highlighted.

Despite giving a go signal for the kids to enjoy Halloween, Fauci then pointed out that the holiday is a "good time" to think about the importance of COVID vaccines.

"If you're not vaccinated, again, think about that you'll add an extra degree of protection to yourself and your children and your family and your community. So it's a good time to reflect on why it's important to get vaccinated," Fauci underscored.

Meanwhile, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky echoed Fauci's claims on the Halloween tradition, saying that Americans should be able to let their kids go trick-or-treating in small groups.

Fauci's comment about Halloween came after he received backlash when he claimed that it was too soon to tell if Americans can hold gatherings amid the surge of coronavirus cases in the U.S.

To date, children under 12 years old are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines. However, it can be recalled that Pfizer asked for the government's approval of their COVID-19 vaccines for kids aging 5-11 years old.

Dr. Fauci on Face Masks

Dr. Fauci also highlighted in the same interview that coronavirus cases should go lower before fully vaccinated Americans can ditch the face masks while having a public gathering indoors.

Fauci noted that the seven-day average of per day COVID cases in the U.S. was recorded to 95,000, which according to the infectious disease expert was "too high."

To ease the indoor masking, Dr. Fauci noted that the per day cases should go down to 10,000.

"We want to get way, way down to... I mean I like to see it well below 10,000 [cases] per day and even much lower than that," Dr. Fauci noted.

CDC currently recommends fully vaxxed Americans to wear face masks indoors, especially in areas with "substantial or high transmission" over the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

More than 96 percent of the country was placed under the "substantial" or "high" transmission, New York Post reported citing the latest data.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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