A Brazilian blogger known online for flaunting her lavish vacations and designer bags on social media, along with her fiancé's friend, was charged after trying to board a Dubai-bound flight with cocaine-filled capsules in food supplement bottles inside her bag.

Instagram Influencer Lais Crisostomo Aguiar Arrested

With more than 400,000 followers on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Crisóstomo Aguiar frequently shares images of her glamorous trips. The Brazilian influencer had posted places like the Maldives Islands and Monaco before she deleted all of her photos from her account.

Aside from trips abroad, Crisóstomo Aguiar also flaunted her massive collection of Dior, Saint Laurent, and Chanel handbags on her Instagram account.

According to LAD Bible, social media influencer Lais Crisostomo Aguiar and her 44-year-old friend, car washer Peterson de Souza Fontes, were charged with one count of international drug trafficking after the discovery of cocaine in her bag. The two were arrested at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport in the municipality of Guarulhos on August 5.

The two tried to board a flight from Sao Paulo to Dubai. They were both set to face trial, following a decision by the 1st Federal Court of Guarulhos in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, G1 reported.

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Brazilian Influencer Denies Cocaine Trafficking

Based on the report, police stopped them from boarding the flight after an x-ray scan in the airport revealed cocaine in capsules inside food supplement containers in the suspects' suitcases. Authorities revealed later on that a total of 461 grams of cocaine were about to be trafficked by the Brazilian influencer and her friend, Daily Mail reported.

Screeners detected an abnormality in de Souza Fontes' luggage, prompting the federal police to stop the two individuals suspected of carrying illegal drugs and subjected them to a secondary inspection. They were arrested and have been in prison after the discovery of the illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, Judge Valdeci dos Santos denied the petition filed by Crisóstomo Aguiar. The social media influencer initially stated that she should be released because she was unaware of the contents of the suitcase.

However, Judge Valdeci dos Santos stated that Crisóstomo Aguiar's statement was not credible, given that the seized cocaine was hidden in a suitcase with the suspect's personal items.

Also, Peterson Fontes admitted in court that the confiscated cocaine was his. He also revealed that Crisóstomo Aguiar and her fiancé, Henrique Catoriello, were drug users. The social media influencer denied his claims.

Moreover, the court maintained that the amount of cocaine found in Crisóstomo Aguiar's possession could not be classified as being a user. The total recovered made it clear to the authorities that the drug would be the object of circulation in society, and the flight was their way of drug trafficking.

During her appearance on the court, Crisóstomo Aguiar said that she had been living in Dubai since 2020. She stated that along with her fiance, Catoriello, they owned a currency exchange business there.

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