The Golden State Warriors were still perfect in the preseason of the NBA. On Tuesday night, the team grabbed another win against the Los Angeles Lakers without Stephen Curry or Draymond Green in their lineup.

No Curry, No Green, No Problem for Warriors

According to Golden State of Mind, the Warriors made four straight wins to open the preseason on Tuesday after they had beaten the winless Lakers 111-99. Steph Curry and Draymond Green rested for the Warriors. Still, it did not become a problem for GSW as they took the win in Staples despite the presence of the LA Lakers star trifecta of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, who all played heavy minutes.

Golden State earned its fourth win and held its own against the Lakers' trio of superstars who made their debut together. Golden State was able to get the win on the road after six Warriors scored in double figures despite having their worst shooting night from the 3-point range of the preseason, The Mercury News reported.

GSW head coach Steve Kerr emphasized that even his team did not shoot the ball well in the game, it was still a good sign after he highlighted the 111 points made by the Warriors.

Moreover, Kerr and staff said that they got an extended look at their players who were fighting for rotation minutes and roster spots.

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The Golden State Warriors' Run

The Warriors' best basketball run came after a timeout midway through the third quarter. The knocked down 3-pointer by Kent Bazemore extended the Lakers' lead to 70-59 and forced Kerr to call a timeout.

Out of the break, Golden State reeled off a 21-3 scoring run courtesy of a steal-and-score from Warriors veteran forward Andre Iguodala.

During their run, Jordan Poole was responsible for seven of the 21 points in the stretch.

"We've all pulled him aside at times during these games. He looks you in the eye and nods his head and responds," Kerr said.

The GSW fell into a double-digit hole in the first half but managed to cut the lead within 3 points before halftime. Kerr said that he didn't like the entire team's shot selection in the first half.

"It took us a little while to get going, but second half, the ball moved a lot better," Kerr said.

On the other hand, despite the loss at home. The Los Angeles Lakers were aiming to bounce back harder once the regular season would start. The Lakers' big three, also known as "Lakers 360," dropped almost triple-double numbers despite playing only for three quarters.

The newly added Lakers star Russell Westbrook so far was not able to showcase his triple-double numbers, but fans were expecting to see the "triple-double machine" once the season would start a week from now.

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Written by: Jess Smith