President Joe Biden on Wednesday refused to answer the question of reporters asking about the supply chain crisis that causes problems across the United States.

Biden turned his back to the reporters as questions whether Christmas presents will arrive on time, and his plans on lowering the gasoline prices, The Daily Wire reported.

Footage from RNC research showed that Biden bolted out to the exit while ignoring the questions thrown at him.

The incident happened after President Biden delivered his remarks about the efforts to address the global transportation supply chain bottlenecks. Biden said in his remarks that Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports will help in speeding up the delivery of goods across the United States.

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White House: Los Angeles Port to Open 24/7 to Address Supply Bottleneck

White House officials echoed the president's claims on Wednesday about speeding up the delivery of goods, as they announced that Los Angeles Port will operate 24 hours, seven days a week, to curb the supply chain bottlenecks that placed the U.S. in crisis.

According to White House, the 24/7 operations in the Port of Los Angeles would nearly double the port's unloading hours, with more than 3,500 additional containers per week.

Biden also mentioned in his remarks that the Los Angeles port adopting the 24/7 operations was important because the said port will generate extra 60 hours a week, an increase in the hours of workers to move cargo off ships onto trucks and trailers and deliver them to their destination.

It can be recalled that the ports traditionally operate only on weekdays and are closed at night and on weekends.

According to Marine Exchange of Southern California, there were 62 ships docked at the two ports - Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port - while 81 ships are waiting to harbor and unload their goods as of Monday.

Both Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports account for 40 percent of all shipping containers entering the United States.

Although The Los Angeles Port will just begin its 24/7 operations, The Long Beach Port was reported to operate 24/7 for the past three weeks.

Private Enterprises To Go 24/7 Over Supply Chain Bottleneck

Aside from the Los Angeles ports going 24/7, the White House also announced on Wednesday that major carriers and enterprises, including Walmart, UPS, and FedEx, will also work 24/7 to address the supply chain crisis in the U.S., The Hill reported.

A senior administration official confirmed the news, saying that the said companies would work during off-peak hours, pointing out that the supply chain is in the hands of the private sector.

According to the White House, 40 percent of American packages by volume in 2020 was accounted to FedEx and UPS combined.

Aside from the said enterprises, other companies such as Samsung, Target, and Home Depot will also adapt to the 24/7 operations.

"By taking these steps, they're saying to the rest of the supply chain, you need to move too, let's step it up," the official said.

The supply chain bottleneck that happened during President Joe Biden's tenure was linked to the inflation in the U.S., prompting Republican leaders, including Mitch McConnell, to blast the president over the issue.

"The Democrats inflation is so bad that even though the average American worker has gotten a multiple-percentage-point pay raise over the last year, their actual purchasing power has been cut," McConnell said.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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