Hurricane Pamela has made landfall on Mexico's West Coast. Pamela was categorized as a Category 1 hurricane before losing force and was seen to move inland as a tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center said that the storm had regained hurricane strength just before it hit the state of Sinaloa on Wednesday, according to an Aljazeera report.

A maximum wind of about 120 km/h was forecasted for Pamela, with it quickly weakening as it traversed inland.

The NHC's latest advisory had placed Pamela about 270 km northeast of Mazatlan as the tropical storm and was packing maximum sustained winds of 75 km/h.

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Hurricane Pamela

There were warnings of storm surges, flash floods, and dangerous winds around the area.

Meanwhile, civil defense officials in Sinaloa said Pamela's wind and rains did minor damage with it being seen to approach the U.S. state of Texas by Thursday.

Authorities had also urged residents of rural areas to move to shelters due to the risk of flooding.

Mexico's National Guard police said office helped some people trapped in their homes by flooding and were working to clear debris and dozens of fallen trees in Mazatlan, according to a Reuters reportThe National Guard added that some shops and restaurants in the area were damaged.

Mexican officials had opened 40 temporary shelters in Sinaloa in part of their preparation for the storm's heavy winds and rains.

NHC said that the center of Pamela will continue to move over Central Mexico until dissipation, with it being seen to release another one to three inches of rain in Durango and Nayarit states.

Parts of the southern Baja California peninsula and southwestern and west-central mainland Mexico are also projected to be affected by swells brought by Pamela.

Baja California had seen Pamela passed before it made landfall in Sinaloa. There was no damage in Baja California.

Hurricane Nora

In August, Mexico had faced Hurricane Nora, which NHC forecasted with warnings of torrential rains, life-threatening flash flooding, and mudslides. 
Hurricane Nora had made a landfall on the northwest coast of the Mexican state of Jalisco, according to another Reuters reportIt was forecasted as a Category 1 after making landfall near Vincente Guerrero.
Authorities had also released a warning on Coloma, Nayarit, and Jalisco for coastal stretches.

Nora at the time was projected to pour around eight to 12 inches of rain, 20 inches being the maximum amount.

Nora had caused one casualty. Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro had also reported a missing woman in Puerto Vallarta and was lost when surging waters had dragged her from her car, according to an Associated Press News report.

Officials had noted that the flooding brought by Nora had damaged 500 homes and two people were injured in a landslide.

Six fishermen from the state of Guerrero were also missing at sea.

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