Real estate heir Robert Durst was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for the murder of her friend Susan Berman in a California court on Thursday.

The punishment slammed against Durst came a month after jurors convicted the millionaire for first-degree murder after killing Berman on December 23, 2000, NBC News reported.

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California Judge Mark Windham presented the punishment, as he also denied a defense request for a new trial.

"I was robbed... of an absolutely extraordinary, unforgettable brilliant person whose life was savagely taken from her," Berman's cousin, Danny Marcus, said in the trial. 

Meanwhile, Sareb Kaufman, who considered Berman his mom as the victim dated his father, said that he lost everything many times because of Durst.

Despite the accusations, Durst said while on the witness stand during his trial that he did not kill Berman. The millionaire underscored that he found Berman dead in her home and denied that he was at the residence at the time of her death.

Durst, who was called a "narcissistic psychopath" by prosecutors, did not give an official statement regarding the sentence he received. However, his lawyers confirmed during the trial on Thursday that they were planning to appeal Judge Windham's decision.

The Death of Susan Berman

Susan Berman, a writer and the daughter of a Las Vegas mobster, became Durst's spokeswoman when the real estate heir became a suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Kathie Durst.

Prosecutors believed that Durst killed Berman to silence her as she was about to speak with the authorities about a fake alibi she allegedly gave Durst when Kahtie Durst vanished in 1982.

Berman was shot dead at the back of her head in her Benedict Canyon home in California.

Berman's death came after Durst's wife, a medical student who went missing and is now presumed dead by the authorities.

Although no charges were filed against Durst for the death of his wife, prosecutors from New York plan to press new charges against the millionaire concerning Kathie Durst's case.

Furthermore, prosecutors also presented evidence they claim proves the real estate heir killed his wife.

Other Victims of Robert Durst

Aside from killing his wife and his friend, prosecutors alleged that another victim died in the hands of Robert Durst.

Authorities noted that the Durst killed an elderly neighbor identified as Morris Black. Black allegedly discovered Durst's disguise of being a mute woman in 2001 while he was hiding from the authorities in Texas.

According to reports, Durst assumed the name Dorothy Ciner during that time, as he wore a wig, dresses, and high heels.

In an HBO documentary series entitled "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," the millionaire appeared to confess to the killings.

Aside from the three, Durst's brother, Douglass Durst, also testified in one of the suspect's trials claiming that Robert Durst liked to murder him.

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