The murder trial of New York real estate heir Rober Durst will resume on Monday in Los Angeles Courtroom. New York Post reported that the delay stretched for at least 14 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. After two days of testimony, the jury was sent home as the COVID-19 pandemic closed the courthouses.

The pandemic disturbed the court operations nationwide, leading to delays and video instead of in-person proceedings, Associated Press reported. Because of the delays, Judge Mark Windham plans to question the panel of 23 jurors and the 11 alternates on Monday if they can continue with the case.

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Rober Durst's Attorney Submits Questions for Jury

Because of the murder trial, the defense attorneys of Robert Durst proposed a question for Windham to question the returning jurors included in the trial whether they read or heard about the case during the break and can remain impartial during the trial. Furthermore, the attorneys also want to know if the pandemic altered the lives of the jurors in a way that can prevent them from serving another four to five months.

Scott Sundby, a law professor from the University of Miami, uttered in Associated Press that the trial of Robert Durst had had a longer break than the trials halted due to damaging earthquakes and hurricanes. Sundby also emphasized that Windham, who is trying to keep the jurors intact, should be careful in making sure that the juror was not affected in any way that can violate Durst's right to a fair trial.

Robert Durst's Lawyers Asking for a Trial Delay

Before the schedule of Durst's murder trial in Los Angeles, the lawyers of the real estate heir submitted an emergency motion asking for a delay in the murder trial due to a "myriad of life-threatening issues," as well as bladder cancer.

In an interview, Dick DeGuerin, Durst's lawyer, noted that the 78-year-old man "has been in and out of clinics and hospitals frequently," during the previous year. Mail Online reported that the defense attorneys requested Robert Durst to be released on bail into an outside medical facility. DeGeurin also said Durst's health deteriorated alarmingly over the past 14 months since the trial was shut down.

The defense lawyers of Durst uttered that the 78-year-old is suffering from prior esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, malnutrition, chronic kidney cancer, coronary artery disease with drug-eluting stents, and atrial fibrillation.

Why Was Robert Durst Arrested?

Associated Press noted that the authorities took at least 15 years before Robert Durst was arrested for the killing of his best friend and another five years to bring him into the trial. Durst was accused of shooting Susan Breman in the back of the head in her Beverly Hills home in 2000.

Prosecutors argued that the motive for killing Breman was to stop the woman from disclosing with authorities that she aided Durst to cover up the killing of her first wife, Kathi Durst. Durst was only charged with killing Breman. However, prosecutors are using the death of his wife and neighbor Morris Black, who he allegedly shot, to prevent him from sharing his whereabouts.

Robert Durst has been in jail since 2015, and a documentary that included an interview with Durst helped lead to the charges against him.

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