First in nearly six years, British superstar Adele dropped her new single entitled "Easy on Me" on Thursday evening, sparking a Twitter storm from her fans. The new song is the first one she released ahead of her upcoming album entitled "30."

Fans on social media were enraged with Adele's new melody, as people were quick to react to the new song.

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One user said that listening to "Easy On Me" made him feel like she was back to being 15 years old. Another fan shared a visual representation of how he looked while listing to Adele's new music, showing a child eating while crying.

Other fans also utilized their wits and observation skills, connecting the artists three songs, namely, "Rolling in The Deep," "Hello," and "Easy On Me." The user claimed that the music videos were connected, mentioning a house featured in the music videos of the said songs. Even Fifth Harmony singer Normani also joined in the mob, expressing her thoughts on the new song.

"ADELE oh ADELE I love you," Normani said in her tweet.

Adele Releases New Song, Music Video

The excitement of the fans came as Adele released both her new song and its music video on the same day, where she was featured driving away from an empty house with a sign saying it was "sold," Billboard reported.

However, it was not the first time fans were able to the melody of her new song, as the singer teased the intro of "Easy on Me" on her Instagram account. The video posted by the singer showed her putting a cassette tape on the console of her car, as she dropped the title of her new song and when it will be released.

"Easy On Me," which was a collaboration of the singer and Columbia Records, gathered more than 1.3 million views on YouTube since it was released hours ago.

Adele Announces the Release of Her Album

The music video of her new song came out a day after the singer took to social media to announce that her album "30" will be released on November 19.

The singer said in a statement that she "never felt more peaceful" in her life, which is why she is ready to put her newest album out. Adele then shared that her album came during the most "turbulent period" of her life and that she started making the album three years ago.

The singer also mentioned a friend she did not name who stayed with her during her most troubling times, stating some instances like holding her hand when she cried, checked on her no matter what to make her feel loved.

"I've painstakingly rebuilt my house and my heart since then and this album narrates it," Adele said in her statement.

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