Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, is reportedly back in Colorado and wishes he's in Florida for the discovery of what appears to be Brian Laundries' remains.

However, Chapman's rep told TMZ that the 68-year-old reality star has no access to the area where the human remains were found as it was blocked off.

The rep further noted that if the remains turn out not to be Laundrie's remains, Dog the Bounty Hunter will head back to Florida to continue looking for Gabby Petito's fiance.

Chapman's rep said the whole experience has given the reality star "a new purpose in life." The rep added that Chapman wanted to help more families find their lost loved ones or crack open cold cases.

Sources close to Chapman also told TMZ that the reality star went back to Colorado to finally meet with his doctor over his recent ankle injury.

Dog the Bounty Hunter got injured while searching for Gabby Petito's fiance in remote areas of southern Florida. Chapman's daughter tweeted on October 10 that his father was going back to Colorado to meet with his doctor after he injured his ankle.

However, the reality star postponed it and was even seen dropping by at the residence of Laundrie's sister in Florida on October 13. At the time, Chapman said he was recovering from the ankle injury, and he felt "a lot better."

On Wednesday, authorities found Laundrie's backpack and notebook in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, along with partial human remains.

Brian Laundrie's attorney, Steve Bertolino, told CNN there is a "strong probability" that the remains belong to the Florida fugitive. 

"The probability is strong that it is Brian's remains, but we are going to wait for the forensic results to come in and verify that," Bertolino noted.

According to the medical examiner, identifying the remains could be complete in a couple of days but may also take longer.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Search for Gabby Petito's Fiance

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been searching for Gabby Petito's fiance since late last month. His team has reportedly received at least 4,000 possible leads since they joined the search for Brian Laundrie.

Duane Chapman was reportedly sifting for one that might be legit, and it's a daunting task. Earlier, the reality star said that many calls came from fans saying "hello" to him, but the rest were "pretty good."

Sources close to Chapman also told TMZ that the search for Laundrie also took a toll on the reality star as he waded through marshy swamps in a Florida park that resulted in injuries like cuts he has not made public.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has also offered reward money for information leading to Laundrie's arrest. He added $10,000 to the $170,000 standing reward money before his contribution.

Authorities are still trying to locate Gabby Petito's fiance after he was reported missing on September 17. Laundrie's parents said they last saw him on September 13, leaving home to go to the Carlton Reserve area for a hike.

Laundrie was named a person of interest by North Port police after returning home on September 1 or 10 days before Petito was reported missing by her family.

Petito disappeared on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie. The couple was traveling to Oregon when the YouTuber stopped communicating with her family in Wyoming in late August.

Petito's body was found at the Spread Creek Dispersed Campground near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on September 19.

A Teton County, Wyoming coroner said Petito was strangled to death by a "human being," and the manner of death was homicide.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Will Hit Texas Stage on 2022

Dog the Bounty Hunter is reportedly coming to Texas in 2022. Chron reported that the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio will host a show for Duane Chapman on January 29, 2022.

The reality star will hit the stage at 8 p.m. and tell stories about his journey from being an ex-convict to an icon.

"Dog will recount the colorful and adventurous life that has led to becoming the most successful bounty hunters and recognizable television stars in American history," the venue said in its Facebook post.

Tickets for the said event will range from $29.50 to $39.50. Fans will also be able to greet Dog The Bounty Hunter himself for $100.

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