AAPI Victory Fund President Varun Nikore appeared on the Lurie Daniel Favors Show on SiriusXM last week. Varun and Lurie discussed mobilizing the AAPI electorate, the elements that make the AAPI Victory Fund unique, and the influence of the AAPI community on future elections.  

(Photo : Mark Makela/Getty Images)

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Highlights of Varun's Interview with Lurie Daniel Favors:

  • "Before the Donald Trump election, there was average political participation from our community. Since Trump got elected in 2016, we've seen not only a market shift but what I consider to be one of the biggest shifts in political participation of any demographic in the history of our country."
  • "When we come out in inordinate numbers for Democrats and progressives, we can tip the scale, we can tip the balance. That's exactly what we did in Arizona and in Georgia. Many analysts credit those two states flipping for Joe Biden because of our community."
  • "The gap that existed back in 2015, for decades, in the PAC and super PAC arena was 'how do we mobilize AAPI voters in the critical 90 to 120 days before an election?' We filled that gap in certain states in 2015 and since then, we've endorsed AAPI candidates, and even non-AAPI candidates that have run in predominately AAPI communities."  
  • We are locked in arms with our brethren to move this cause together. Their rights, your rights, are our rights and our rights are your rights. We cannot have an America that achieves its full vision unless we are all working together." 
  • "5 years from now, my vision would be to see our political and civic engagement infrastructure on par with any community in this country; working together to push our common objectives forward so we can get to that better place we all so desire. At the end of the day, we are looking for equity, for a dialogue."

Listen to Varun's Interview with Lurie Daniel Favors HERE 

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