#ArrestFauci trended on Twitter on Sunday, as Dr. Anthony Fauci was caught in several allegations such as dogs testing, and virus research in Wuhan.

Users were quick to criticize the nation's top infectious disease expert, after his National Institutes of Health division provided a grant to a lab located in Tunisia to torture and kill dozens of dogs for the purpose of scientific experiments, New York Post reported.

The breed of dogs involved in the said experiments were reportedly beagle puppies.

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One Twitter user who joined in the #ArrestFauci trend called the doctor an "evil" practitioner, arguing that the doctor funded the gain of function and the cruel treatment for dogs.

"He's [Anthony Fauci] an evil doctor and a despicable person," the user said.

Another user tweeted an edited photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci inside a cell, contending that the doctor committed "animal abuse and crimes against humanity."

Other users also edited a photo of Fauci running while mad dogs are tailing him.

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) also joined in the mob, saying that President Biden must choose another NIH director who will not allow animals to get tortured.

However, the group failed to include #ArrestFauci, prompting backlash from users urging the group to mention Fauci's name.

Legislators Urge Dr. Anthony Fauci to Comment on Dog Experiments Allegations

Aside from #ArrestFauci trending on Twitter, bipartisan legislators also called on Dr. Anthony Fauci to respond to the allegations about experiments involving dogs.

South Carolina representative Nancy Mace and 23 other legislators sent a letter to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), as they address their concerns about the reports of the "costly, cruel, and unnecessary tax-payer funded experiments on the dogs."

In the letter, the legislators mentioned that a document obtained by the group White Coast Waste Project revealed that the NIAID spent at least $1.68 million in taxpayer funds on drug tests that involved 44 beagle puppies.

The legislators also noted that some of the dogs were also reportedly injected with disease-causing parasites and lock them in cages with "hungry" sandflies so that the insects could eat them alive.

The lawmakers also revealed in the letter that the several tests on the dogs also included force-feeding the puppies for several weeks, before they were dissected and killed. The lawmakers also alleged that scientists slit the dogs' vocal cords to prevent them from barking during the experiments.

"This is a reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds," the representatives pointed out.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has not yet issued an official statement about the dog experiments slammed against him.

NIH on Virus Research in Wuhan

Dr. Anthony Fauci also faces another issue about the virus research also known as the gain of function in the Wuhan Lab.

Previously, Fauci denied that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the gain of function research, arguing that no such thing happened. However, an NIH official admitted that the said research that tackled bat coronaviruses in China's Wuhan laboratory was funded by taxpayers.

In July, Senator Rand Paul called for the Department of Justice to issue a criminal referral against Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress about the virus research.

"We have scientists that were lined up by the dozens to say that the research he [Fauci] was funding was gain-of-function," Paul said.

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Written By Joshua Summers

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