"Disruptive Innovation" is one of the methods to which most ambitious people owe their success. 

You can think of disruptive or destructive innovation as something that enters a market or platform and turns it upside down. As an innovation, it must radically change an industry to be disruptive. 

Ordinary innovations may improve something or special people may use it flawlessly in a particular market, but if it does not affect everyone, it is not disruptive. 

However, disruptive innovation may not initially determine the direction of a market, and it may not even be better than the technologies which seeks to improve, but as the time passes, its effectiveness would clearly appear.

"Economic evolution" refers to the process by which a smaller company with fewer resources can successfully challenge an existing, well-established business. 

In particular, established companies focus too much on the needs of some sectors and ignore the needs of others by focusing on improving their products and services for their most demanding (and often most profitable) customers. 

While trade transformers first focus on lower parts of the market or less serviced, and then move to main markets. 

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani is one of the inestimable people who has been able to achieve remarkable and amazing success in the field of disruptive innovations. 

This young and experienced entrepreneur has been seeking new and innovative ways of marketing since childhood.

He always had a strong economic mindset and believed that nothing is impossible and the key of success in any way is the desire to learn unceasingly in addition to countless effort.

Hence, he could perfectly reach success by attending daily to any useful courses and gaining all knowledge of the most successful and richest businessmen in the world.

Therefore, one of his most interesting and lucrative activities is the idea of launching a digital or online training platform named "Vidan".

This idea is a novel and efficient learning platform in the field of education and digital communications; in addition to possess many benefits such as saving customers time and money, the possibility of having continuous training, establishing direct contacts with the top professors all over the world and others.

Actually, it is a bridge that is aligned with the rapid Internet and technology development and will bring about a flourishing business transformation.

In fact, the advantage of disruptive innovation is its price. 

Its price can be lower than the best available in the market and thus more people can use it. As a result, more and more people are starting to use it after discovering the benefits. 

Finally, disruptive innovations are critical to analyze, the fact that new markets create competition and attract marginalized customers. Experimental tests show that awareness of disruptive innovation theories significantly preclude us in predicting which start-ups will succeed and what business can help social needs.