LeBron James received his second career ejection after he accidentally elbowed Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Stewart in the face during a rebounding battle on Sunday night.

According to Fox Sports, all hell broke loose 3 minutes into the third quarter when James hit Detroit's Stewart with an elbow to the head while they were fighting for rebounding position during a free throw situation.

LeBron James Ejected After Scuffle With Isaiah Stewart in Third Quarter of LA Lakers-Detroit Pistons Game

Detroit Piston Isaiah Stewart lost his mind after LeBron James elbowed him during a battle for a rebound. Officials and coaches tried to stop the big man, who was enraged after the entanglement, but Stewart attempted multiple times to run over LeBron James.

However, James' teammates also protected him by barricading the path of Stewart. Even the coaches and teammates of Stewart blocked his way to avoid any further altercation.

The pair were shown in later replay footage, challenging for a box out during a free throw, with James' left elbow hitting Steward in the eye. The ejection came in the third quarter of their match when James and Isaiah Stewart entangled during a rebound battle.

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Blood Spills at Little Caesars Arena After LeBron James Elbowed Isaiah Stewart

The Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons game grew heated as the major scuffle took several minutes to cool down. The benches from both teams had to get involved in the situation as Isaiah Stewart continuously tried to make his way to LeBron James.

The left elbow hit made by James in the eyes of Stewart caused blood to spill in the Little Caesars Arena, LeBronwire via USA Today reported.

The clip he acquired left Stewart bloodied, and he immediately went after the Lakers superstar, with a massive brawl ensuing as the officials struggled to contain the situation. Officials were also avoiding another "malice at the palace" situation in the house of Detroit Pistons.

Furthermore, the PA announcers in Detroit were forced to take action too. The announcers constantly reminded Pistons' fans to stay in their seats while also imploring them not to throw any objects at James when he was ejected and headed up the tunnel.

They wanted to avoid the situation that happened more than a decade ago when fans got involved in an altercation with NBA players.

The scuffle resulted in the ejection of LeBron James after he was issued with a flagrant two foul. At the same time, Isaiah Stewart was also ejected, and Russell Westbrook was issued a technical foul.

After the scuffle where Stewart was called for a loose ball foul, LeBron James apologized, but Stewart had none. The Pistons' big man went after him and had to be physically held back.

Meanwhile, commentators said that, intentional or not, the actions made by the two players ended their night at the match-up.

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