A new poll released on Sunday showed that only four percent believe that things in the United States are going very well with President Joe Biden leading the country.

The poll, done by CBS News/YouGov, also showed that Biden gets negative scores for handling certain things such as inflation, immigration, the economy, race relations, and foreign policy, New York Post reported.

However, the poll revealed Biden's job approval rating at 44 percent, slightly higher than some other recent surveys. The president gains a positive review when it comes to his COVID vaccine distribution, with a 53 percent approval rate.

But he gets negative scores for his handling of inflation at 67 percent; immigration at 64 percent; the economy at 61 percent; foreign policy at 58 percent; and race relations at 56 percent.

Seventy percent said "somewhat" or "very badly" when asked how they thought things were going in the U.S., and only 30 percent chose "very" or "somewhat well."

The poll noted that 64 percent went with "fairly" or "very bad" when asked about the country's economy, while 30 percent said it's "very" or "fairly good."

Inflation is at a three-decade high, which continues to cause real hardships for American families.

Ninety-two percent of Republicans agree that items they usually buy are costing more, while 75 percent of Democrats feel the same.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats said the items are often not in stock. The poll surveyed 2,058 adults between November 15-19, and it has a plus/minus three percentage points margin of error.

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Joe Biden Wants to Run Again in 2024 Elections

Joe Biden has reportedly been letting allies know that he will run for president again in 2024, The Guardian reported.

Democratic former Connecticut senator Chris Dodd told the Washington Post that he heard the president saying that he was planning on running again. Dodd said he was glad about it. 

Joe Biden reportedly shared his decision with a small group of donors during a virtual fundraiser held earlier this month. However, a number of Democrats are reportedly privately questioning whether Biden will run for reelection amid the plummeting approval ratings and rising worries about next year's midterm elections, The Hill reported.

If Biden's approval rating stays where it is, have a rough midterm cycle, and could not deliver on his agenda, an aide asked if the president would still be considered the most electable candidate.

Can Joe Biden Beat Former President Donald Trump?

Many see Joe Biden as someone who could defeat former President Donald Trump if he runs again in 2024. However, there were fears that Vice President Kamala Harris could lose.

One prominent donor said there were some Democrats who would compete for the nomination if Biden decides not to.

The donor noted that Biden would be running again based on what he told people, adding that many are locked down and waiting to see what Biden does.

Meanwhile, aides for the vice president said that Kamala Harris had become frustrated at the lack of clarity in her role, adding that the White House was not doing enough to prepare for the 2024 election cycle, Independent reported.

Many lawmakers reportedly doubt that Harris would be more likely to defeat Trump if the former president decides to run again.

One Democratic aide, Joel Payne, said the party would not be too keen on anyone who would try to challenge Joe Biden for the nomination in the next elections.

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