Travis Scott's legal woes are getting heavier as Astroworld security guards sued him on Monday, claiming that the Texas concert caused them physical and mental injuries.

Samuel and Jackson Bush from Houston, Texas said they were hired by AJ Melino and Associates to work for the event, TMZ reported.

The exact amount of the new lawsuit was unclear but TMZ noted that more than $1 million in damages was asked by the security guards.

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Astroworld Security Guards Sue Agency, Travis Scott

The announcement of the lawsuit happened during a Monday press conference held in front of NRG Park, Click 2 Houston reported. Both security guards were accompanied by their attorney, Larry Taylor.

Other defendants in the lawsuit were identified as Live Nation, AJ Melino, Cactus Jack Records, and other organizations connected to the Astroworld Festival.

AJ Melino and Associates was reportedly the global security company that hired both men. The security also named them as defendants in the lawsuit, claiming that the said agency failed to provide a safe workplace and basic training for them, KHOU 11 reported.

"For the most part, they told us where to stand, not to let people run in, which we tried not to, and be safe. Don't put our hands on anybody," Jackson Bush said.

Both security guards also claimed that they were not trained for the chaos that happened during the Texas concert.

Jackson and Samuel Bush also mentioned other red flags they noticed even before the Astroworld Festival started.

The security guards alleged that they were hired the morning of the festival and there was no background check before they started their work at around 5:30 a.m. They also claimed that they were not issued with walkie-talkies or any other devices that would make it easier for them to communicate with other members of their security team.

The security guards furthered that they were not paid by $30 an hour, which was promised when they took the job.

"I feel like we were just thrown out there for whatever to happen. I feel like it was planned to go that way. For us not to be paid and handled professionally as we worked, yeah, I do feel like that," Jackson Bush highlighted.

Astroworld Security Guards Injured after Travis Scott's Texas Concert Tragedy

Aside from not getting their wage in full, the security guards reportedly sustained injuries in the aftermath of the Astrowolrd Festival tragedy.

According to their lawyer, Larry Taylor, Samuel broke his right hand and injured his back as the crowd went out of control during the concert. Samuel said that the crowd surge overwhelmed him.

"It was just overwhelming. I was trying to help as much as I could and I wound up getting hurt," Samuel said.

The security guard added that he extended his shoulder to a lady so he could lift her, but he was not able to get her.

"It made me feel less than a man knowing I couldn't help, and then later, knowing many people died," Samuel Bush added.

Meanwhile, Jackson Bush claimed that he suffered shoulder and back pain after the tragedy. He also noted that he suffers emotional trauma as he saw people conducting CPR on the concertgoers.

Taylor mentioned that at one point, Jackson pulled a deceased concertgoer out of the crowd.

The lawsuit with the Astroworld security guards as the plaintiffs is the latest legal challenge Travis Scott faces after his Texas concert.

It can be recalled that Travis Scott, along with other concert organizers and Drake, was slammed with a $2 billion lawsuit representing nearly 300 alleged victims of the Astroworld Festival tragedy.

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