American rapper G-Eazy took to social media on Wednesday to express the sadness he is feeling after his mother died.

The rapper took to Instagram to explain in a heart-wrenching post how he is feeling after his mother, Suzanne Olmsted, left him for good, as he repeatedly noted "I love you so much," People reported.

"I love you so much. The shock still won't let me accept the feeling that I'll never get to hug you in person again. My queen, my hero, my everything... my mom," G-Eazy said.

The rapper paired his heart-warming Instagram post with a series of photos of his mom over the years, as well as a voice memo he received from his mother entitled "Opportunity Cost Mom," Page Six reported.

In the voice memo, Suzanne told G-Eazy that he made her "so proud."

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G-Eazy Pays Tribute to His Mom After Her Death

G-Eazy also said that he can't stop crying over the death of his mom, calling the pain he feels "enormous."

"The tears won't stop. My eyes hurt, my face hurts, my body hurts, everywhere hurts. There's no safe place to hide and there's no way to lay, sit, or stand that doesn't hurt. The pain is enormous," the American rapper explains, adding that he knows her mother is already out of pain and that brings him "peace."

G-Eazy lauded their mother's love for him and his brother and although both of their hearts are "broken," the rapper said that they are "full of love and gratitude" for the life she gave them.

The rapper also called his mom a "super-human."

"You were the definition of super-human... the context of which I gained gradually throughout my life. What you went through, the pain you endured, and the impossible adversity you faced will stay with me forever," G-Eazy said, adding that his mother will always be his "biggest inspiration."

Despite expressing how he feels, the American rapper did not share what caused the death of his mother.

However, in a 2018 interview, the American rapper revealed that his mom lost her job as a fine arts professor and that she suffered from chronic pain that is hard for her career.

G-Eazy Says His Mom's Letter Made Him Undergo Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs

The rapper went on to share that his mother was his inspiration when he underwent treatment for alcohol and drugs.

"I didn't realize the extent of just how worried you were about me until you sent me the hardest letter I've ever had to read... Going to treatment for alcohol and drugs was my decision but your letter was what ultimately persuaded me," G-Eazy said.

It can be recalled that G-Eazy was convicted of assault, drug possession, and resisting arrest after he engaged in a brawl in a nightclub in Sweden in May 2018.

The rapper also revealed that he had a stronger connection with his mom over the past months.

G-Eazy said that he will have a hard time moving forward, but he said that he will try to move on "one step at a time" just like what his mother told him.

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