English singer Jessie J decided to push through with her Los Angeles concert, despite sharing a piece of devastating news with her fans, about losing her first child due to miscarriage.

On Wednesday, the "Price Tag" singer took to Instagram to announce the devastating news, hours before she set the stage to her "special" concert in L.A., E! News reported.

"I'm still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming, but I know I am strong, and I know I will be ok," Jessie J said.

The singer's miscarriage came after she revealed in October that she parted ways with Max Pham, her boyfriend for seven months, The Daily Mail reported.

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Jessie J Shares Miscarriage on Her Instagram

The "Mama Knows Best" singer paired her long caption with a photo of her holding a pregnancy test. In the second picture, Jessie J shared a quote from Australian poet Şeyda Noir that read, "Sometimes love won't be enough to make it work, and that's ok. It doesn't mean that you've failed."

She began her post by saying that her friend was asking her how she will be able to go through the "gig" without telling the audience that she is pregnant.

The "Masterpiece" singer then revealed that she was trying to hold back her emotions after she learned that her baby had died.

"By yesterday afternoon, I was dreading the thought of getting through the gig without breaking down... After going for my 3rd scan and being told there was no longer a heartbeat," Jessie J said in her caption.

The singer then revealed that she wanted to have a baby on her own, contending that she wanted what she decided.

"I decided to have a baby on my own. Because it's all I've ever wanted and life is short," the "Domino" singer said. Jessie J added that getting pregnant is an experience she will "never forget and will have again."

She then sympathized with other women who felt the same way as her, saying that she feels "connected" with them.

The singer went on to explain why she publicized her miscarriage on social media, saying that she knows that she will talk about her experience on stage. Instead of a "tearful emotional speech," the "Bang Bang" singer noted that sharing what she went through on social media "feels safer."

The singer also said that she wants to "be honest and true" and not hide what she is feeling.

"I want to be as myself as I can be in this moment. Not just for the audience but for myself and my little baby that did its best," Jessie J added.

Jessie J Continues Concert in L.A.

Jessie J also took the opportunity to explain why she will continue her concert in Los Angeles, despite the sadness she is feeling.

"What I do know is I want to sing tonight. Not because I'm avoiding the grief of the process, but because I know singing tonight will help me," Jessie J said.

The singer added that she only performed on stage twice in years and her soul needs it. She furthered that she started singing when she was young for joy, to fill her soul, and as self-love therapy.

"I may crack less jokes but my heart will be in the room," Jessie J said.

Jessie J also took to Instagram stories on Wednesday to express her gratitude to those who sent their love while she was in these trying times.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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