An investigation is underway in connection with a Los Angeles firefighter who "responded inappropriately" to the city's vaccine mandate.

The firefighter, which was not named, reportedly pulled down his pants at a fire station and wiped his butt with a letter to comply with the vaccine mandate that was handed to them, The Blaze reported.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is investigating the said incident.

"The department is aware of the seriousness of the allegations and took immediate action upon learning of this incident," LAFD spokesperson Cheryl Getuiza said Wednesday.

Getuiza further noted that the firefighter was placed on paid administrative leave and "will face the consequences of any inappropriate acts." The LAFD spokeswoman did not provide specific details on what prompted the leave.

According to the Stentorians of Los Angeles City, a group representing African American firefighters, the firefighter did the despicable act after receiving the non-compliance letter.

The group said after the firefighter wiped his buttocks with the document, it left fecal matter on the letter and dropped it on the ground.

In a statement sent to the Board of Fire Commissioners and city leaders, the group noted that the November 18 incident at Fire Station 69 in Pacific Palisades was witnessed by an LAFD captain and a chief officer.

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Los Angeles City Stentorians on the Firefighter

The Stentorians of Los Angeles City said they were "sickened and disgusted by this horrific display of unprofessionalism."

"To date, we have not heard from anyone from the LAFD administration condemning this act of blatant disrespect and harassment," the group noted.

The group called on the city mayor, city council, and fire commission "to take swift and immediate action" to discourage city employees from feeling entitled and behaving in such an "embarrassing and threatening manner."

Meanwhile, Getuiza noted that employees need to abide by the city's mandate.

"No matter how our members react, all city employees must abide by the city ordinance - either file for an exemption, get vaccinated, or face termination," she said.

Fire Commission president Jimmy Woods-Gray also commented on the incident, saying he was "beyond appalled" at the action of the firefighter.

Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate

Under the Los Angeles vaccine mandate, unvaccinated employees were required to sign a notice that they would get a jab or file an exemption request and submit to mandated COVID testing.

All city employees were required to be vaccinated or apply for a religious or medical exemption by December 18. The city's mandate noted that the cost of testing would be charged or deducted on the employees' paycheck, amounting to $65, and unvaccinated employees will be required to get a test twice a week.

The mandate also said that employees would be allowed to resign or retire over the vaccine mandate, and they could still be rehired once they get vaccinated or if the vaccination order is lifted.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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