A pregnant woman who was traveling back to North Carolina from Mexico gave birth to her first child on an airplane. An onboard nurse assisted her to buy some time for the first responders, who safely delivered her baby girl.

Pregnant Woman Traveling From Mexico Delivers on Delta Plane

According to NBC News, the pregnant woman was identified as Liliana Castañeda, and she was traveling with her husband, Edgar Acevedo. The pregnant woman and her partner were on board a Delta Air Lines flight heading to their home to North Carolina after they visited Mexico on November 14 when Castañeda started having contractions.

Castañeda's water broke an hour before the flight, but a nurse who was on board helped the pregnant woman to manage the possible delivery for more than three hours until the plane landed at the Atlanta International Airport, where the responders were waiting for the labor.

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, who responded to a 911 call from Delta alerting emergency authorities, posted a video on social media on Wednesday showing Castañeda sharing her labor experience.

"He was like 'Yeah the baby girl is coming, it's on its way.' And he was like 'Don't try to push because if you push more the baby will come out.' So I held those contractions for like three hours and 30 minutes on the way here," Castañeda said in the video.

First responders rushed to the Atlanta International Airport and waited for the plane to arrive at the gate to help the pregnant woman in her delivery.

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Pregnant Woman Thanks Responders, Everyone Who Helped Her Deliver Her Baby Girl on a Plane

Juanita Nash, one of the individuals who greeted the plane, said that the Delta airplane was coming in exceedingly fast, and it traveled faster than normal. That is why they already knew that there was an emergency. Nash even shared that she saw that people on board were nervous.

Moreover, as soon as Nash and other first responders were able to get inside the aircraft, they have found Castañeda in the back of the plane, lying on the floor. After the responders assessed the situation, emergency personnel decided not to move the pregnant woman and deliver the baby on the plane.

Castañeda said that she just pushed once during the delivery and the baby girl came out crying.

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department said that Baby Analia Acevedo Castañeda was born aboard Delta Flight 1804. Responder Juanita Nash said that once the pregnant woman delivered the baby, one of the flight attendants got on the microphone and said that they have a baby girl. Nash considered it as a special occasion.

Castañeda shared to WRAL, NBC's affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, that she was expecting her baby to arrive on December 23, but she came out early. Acevedo, Analia's father, said that he was nervous at the same time and worried for her wife and the baby during the delivery.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, the new parents met with Nash and other first responders who witnessed Analia's birth in Atlanta before the new family returned home to North Carolina for the holidays.

Castañeda thanked all the individuals who helped their family in the airplane, including the EMS, the fire department, and everybody who helped them.

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