Golden State Warriors' main man Stephen Curry expressed his dissatisfaction with Steve Kerr's new rotation pattern.

According to The Sports Rush, contributing writer for Golden State of Mind Joe Viray said that Curry shared that he was not completely 100 percent comfortable with his current rotation pattern set by their head coach, Kerr.

Stephen Curry Opened up About His Dissatisfaction With Steve Kerr's New Rotation Pattern

The Golden State Warriors' main man cited the sudden substitution that Steve Kerr was making. Stephen Curry said he did not want to be subbed out in the middle of quarters when momentum shifts and he feels a rhythm coming on and had his shooting touch.

Despite sitting comfortably at 16-2 to start this season, the Golden State Warriors' guard still had concerns. After two seasons of being in the shadows, being targets for beatdowns, missing the postseason, the Warriors have flipped the switch this regular season, and Curry showed the entire league that he was already tired of sitting at his home watching the postseason.

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Stephen Curry Carries Warriors in League Standing Despite Change in Rotation, Minutes

The Golden State Warriors were back to being on top of the league, despite their second-best players not being in the mix yet. There have been a lot of things that have led to the success of the Dubs this NBA season.

Some sports analysts started to compare the latest Dubs team to their lineup in 2015 when they proved "Strength in Numbers."

The Warriors' success was pointed to the strengthened bench, improvements shown by their former and acquired players. Also, NBA fans and analysts considered the shift in the team's mindset or a mix of it all.

Moreover, there has also been a change in Steve Kerr's rotation this season, specifically for Stephen Curry. Kerr had a specific pattern for Steph's minutes until the end of last season, which did not change even though they were facing different teams throughout the season.

However, Stephen Curry was not pleased about the change in his minutes and the timings of his substitutions, but his numbers did not show any dissatisfaction. Curry dropped impressive numbers even at the start of the season.

Stephen Curry is currently showing MVP-like numbers and was fighting toe-to-toe with former teammate Kevin Durant at the league leaders in terms of scoring. Chef Curry cooked a number of teams who were ranked higher than the Warriors in the power rankings.

Also, the greatest shooter of all time attracted the opposing team's defense, which created opportunities for his teammates to shine. So far, the Golden State Warriors' supporting cast did not let Stephen Curry down and dropped impressive numbers once they were given the spotlight.

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