A Ghislaine Maxwell accuser said the British socialite had shown a schoolgirl outfit in her guest bedroom and asked her to wear that for Jeffrey Epstein.

In Monday's testimony in New York, the accuser, using the pseudonym Kate, noted that Maxwell told her at the time that it would be "fun for you to take Jeffrey his tea in this outfit," BBC News reported.

While at Epstein's Palm Beach house in Florida, Kate, who was 18 then, said she wore the outfit, and Epstein had sex with her. She noted that she met Maxwell in Paris in 1994 when she was 17.

The judge stipulated to the jury that the sexual encounters were not to be considered illegal sex acts as Kate was above the age of consent at the time in Britain.

But the judge noted that prosecutors could use Kate's testimony to corroborate Maxwell's and Epstein's pattern of behaviors described by other witnesses.

Kate told the court during the trial that she had been taken instantly by Maxwell's elegance and sophistication, saying that Maxwell was very impressive and "everything that I wanted to be." 

According to Kate, who is now 44 years old, Ghislaine Maxwell often spoke of her "philanthropist" boyfriend, pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein, and described him as someone who liked to help young people.

Kate was starting a music career then and said she was excited to have a "new friend."

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Kate Talks About Sexual Encounters With Jeffrey Epstein

With Ghislaine Maxwell urging her to do it, Kate said she would give Jeffrey Epstein massages that turned into sexual encounters.

Kate told jurors that Maxwell had also asked her if she knew anybody who could come to her house and give Jeffrey Epstein oral sex, with Maxwell saying it was "a lot for her to do," according to an Evening Standard report.

Kate claimed that Maxwell told her that she was "such a good girl" and was one of Epstein's favorites. The accuser said she did not tell anyone about her experiences with Maxwell and Epstein as she knew how "well connected" they were. 

She also told the court how the British socialite had said she was friends with Prince Andrew and former President Donald Trump.

Assistant U.S. attorney Lara Pomerantz asked Kate how she and Maxwell had stayed in touch, wherein she answered that she gave her phone number to the socialite.

Kate alleged that Maxwell had spoken about sexual topics, including Epstein's sexual needs. The woman told the court that Maxwell said to her that Epstein "needed to have sex about three times a day," CNN reported.

Kate said Maxwell has "dazzled her with glamor," and thought that Epstein could help her with her musical career. Kate noted that she had hoped to stay friends with Maxwell. However, she lost contact with her around the age of 24.

Kate Says Ghislaine Maxwell Groomed Her for Sex With Jeffrey Epstein

The second woman to accuse Ghislaine Maxwell of grooming her for sex with Jeffrey Epstein said she did not know how to say no. 

Fearful of what could happen, Kate noted that she was not sure if she said no, if she would have "to leave (Palm Beach or Florida) or what the consequence would be for not doing it," NBC News reported.

Kate is one of the four young girls Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit and sexually abused between 1994 and 2004.

Earlier, a certain Jane told the court that she was only 14 when Maxwell taught her how to satisfy Epstein sexually and that the pair trafficked her to other powerful men.

During cross-examination, Kate said she came from a well-off family in London and that her stepfather had a private plane.

She also admitted that she stayed in touch with Jeffrey Epstein even after he was convicted in 2008 and acknowledged sending him pictures and emails while he was in a private wing of a Florida county jail.

Kate had also signed those with "Love always, Kate." Before the trial ends, two more women are still expected to take the witness stand.

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