After deciding to trade veteran guard Rajon Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel revealed the reason behind the deal.

Rondo's exit from the purple and gold squad was a specific decision made by Vogel, who sent the veteran guard to Cleveland last Friday.

Lakers Coach Frank Vogel Pushes Rajon Rondo to Cleveland Cavaliers

According to Marca, there had not been a specific explanation as to why Frank Vogel decided to drop Rajon Rondo from the Lakers until last Monday. 

Vogel told the press on Monday that the veteran's exit was for the player's own benefit because he wanted to have more activity.

He noted that the Lakers did not just want to trade Rondo to the Cavaliers to open up a roster spot, but they wanted to give him a chance to play real minutes.

Vogel said the prospect of the 35-year-old NBA star getting to play for a "really good, young team" was something they also took into consideration, Silver Screen and Roll reported.

The Lakers head coach further noted that they brought Rondo into the team because he understood it would be more of a non-playing role. Rondo was assigned the third-string point guard role, but the Lakers used his IQ and intelligence to win games.

Vogel noted that they would certainly miss the brilliance of Rondo, and it was not like they wanted to depart from him, but the opportunity was presented.

He added that they considered everyone in the team as partners, and they wanted what was best for the player. 

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Frank Vogel Shares Rajon Rondo's Future in NBA

The 48-year-old Lakers head coach noted that the Rajon Rondo trade was one of those "difficult" front office decisions that he had to make. 

He added that losing a guy like Rondo was very difficult for him because the veteran guard meant the world to him as he was one of his favorite players he ever coached.

Vogel also recognized Rondo as an integral part of winning the championship two years ago, which was his first championship as an NBA coach. He added that Rondo would always be a "special player and a special friend" to him. He wished nothing but the best for Rondo and said they would continue to stay in touch.

However, fans and analysts could smell that the trade was about to happen simply by looking at the veteran's recent activity with the squad. 

It was also clear that Rondo's time inside the court would be limited after the arrival of Russell Westbrook at the Lakers last summer.

After recently passing the COVID-19 protocols, Rajon Rondo would have effectively become the most veteran point guard on his new team. As he's done in the past, Rondo will get another chance to lead an NBA team all by his own.

Although he missed Tuesday's game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Rajon Rondo was already courtside and got a warm welcome from the Cleveland faithful.

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