The versatile singer-songwriter and alt-pop artist from Hong Kong via Cork returns, with a second single from his upcoming debut EP, "Heart Leak."

"When I heard Fantom's beat, I loved it instantly. I was looking for beats, and came across this one. It's a very energetic beat - I got so inspired listening to it, and felt I had to write something to it. I didn't want to overshadow the track with too much complexity - so I leaned into simple melodies for the vocals." 

(Photo : FlutterTone)

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My Twisted Heart's sincere vocal delivery shines, and the quick track offers a rollercoaster of sonic delight, before quickly pulling up and nudging you toward the replay button. His lyrics explores themes of fear - the fear of tearing something beautiful apart, the fear of not being good enough, and warning to future lovers.

"Heartbreaker" as well as the tracks which accompany it on the EP, inhabit what My Twisted Heart describes as a sound also influenced by Japanese and Korean pop palettes. 

Another track worthy of special mention on the EP is "Zombies," a song about the difficulty of letting go. Ultimately, the project is one of turning pain into beauty for MTH. "It's like, the past year or two of stress and pressure has been converted into something that I am proud of." 

Genres: Hyper-pop, electro-pop, alternative, emo-rock, synth pop, electro R&B, alt-hip-hop

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