Cardi talked about her mental health on Thursday, as she took to stand in her libel suit against YouTube star Tasha K after the influencer reportedly spread false rumors about the rapper.

According to E! News, Cardi B, with her real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, appeared on Georgia Court to share how the YouTube star's "defamatory" claims took a toll on her wellbeing.

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Cardi B on YouTube Star's False Claims

Cardi B said that the claims brought by Tasha K against her affected her mental health, to the point that she became suicidal because of it.

"I felt extremely suicidal," the rapper pointed out, adding that she also felt helpless when the YouTube star was promulgating the false claims. Cardi B also revealed that because of the claims, she also developed fatigue and anxiety.

The "WAP" singer then noted that she also lost some of her weight due to Tasha K's narrative.

Aside from taking a toll on Cardi's mental, and overall health, the rapper also shared that the YouTube star's narratives also took a toll on her relationship with her husband.

"I felt defeated and depressed, and I didn't want to sleep with my husband," Cardi B testified on Thursday.

During the testimony, Cardi also denied she had herpes, one of the primary claims in one of Tasha K's videos.

The rapper also recounted a painful incident where she posted a photo of herself kissing her daughter. Cardi said that users were quick to ask if she can do that, given the herpes rumor surrounding her.

"Only an evil person could do that s**t," Cardi said before apologizing to the judge for her language.

Earlier in the trial, Tasha K, with her real name Latasaha Kebe, was reportedly questioned by Cardi's attorneys about the rumors. Kebe reportedly told jurors that she knowingly published the lies about the rapper to generate funds for her business.

The said trial between Cardi B and Tasha K will reportedly continue on Thursday afternoon, and it is expected that the rapper will provide more testimony. The said case will be adjourned on January 18. Reports noted that when Cardi B's attorneys rest their case, Latasha Kebe will be given a chance to witness, and cross-examination is also possible to occur.

Cardi B and Youtube Star Latasha Kebe's Lawsuit

Cardi B filed her lawsuit against the YouTube star in March of 2019. In the lawsuit, the "Up" rapper accuses Latasha Kebe of making malicious claims against her, such as calling her a prostitute, using cocaine, cheating on her husband, and having contracted herpes and HPV.

"Kebe[Tasaha K] became obsessed with slandering and harassing [Cardi B]. In the 16 months preceding the filing of this lawsuit, Kebe put out at least 38 videos regarding the [rapper]," the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit also claimed that one video the YouTube star shared garnered about four million views, contending that the views were "substantially larger" than typical audient Kebe has.

It can be recalled that the YouTube star attempted to file her lawsuit against Cardi B, arguing that the rapper began to "publicly trash her" on the internet, resulting in feeling threatened. However, Judge William Ray II dismissed Tasha K's allegations in July.

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