It appears as if the long wait on the Los Angeles Clippers ownership may be coming to an end. California Judge Michael Levanas ruled that Donald Sterling's wife, Rochelle Sterling, has the power to sell the Clippers franchise.

Ever since Donald Sterling was recorded making racist remarks, his ownership rights have come into question. His latest attempt at keeping the team appeared to be holding water, but was shot down. Sterling thought he could block the sale as the majority owner of the team, a position he has held since 1981.

This long-drawn-out process has taken its toll on the Clippers team and front office. The Clippers' franchise-record 57 wins and playoff appearance was overshadowed by the fact that its owner was permanently banned from the NBA. Players from various teams threatened to boycott future games and even took off their jerseys before tip-offs.

Sterling has changed his mind several times through this process. On May 23, he agreed to allow his wife to sell the team. However, Sterling would go back on his word regarding that promise.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, won the bid for the Clippers on May 29 for an outstanding $2 billion. That is by far the most ever spent (eventually) for an NBA franchise and the second-most for an American sport team. The highest-ever purchase price for a professional sports team was for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012 at $2.15 billion.

What it Means for the Clippers

Although this offseason has been a disaster for the Clippers, the future looks bright if Sterling is removed. Head coach Doc Rivers recently threatened to leave the team if Sterling was still the owner next season. It wouldn't have been surprising if Blake Griffin and Chris Paul would have pressured management to be traded.

Most likely, Donald Sterling will file an objection against the ruling. He has 10 days to do so. This has little to no hope for Sterling because the decision would go right back to Michael Levanas, the judge who granted Rochelle Sterling the right to sell the team in the first place.

There's no doubt Donald Sterling will never sell the team, but with power going to his wife, he has no control. The Clippers with Ballmer in power would be heading in a new direction. The fans have also shown their disapproval of the former disgraced owner at games, but with Ballmer in charge, they can be proud of their owner.

According to Sterling's lawyer, he plans on fighting this (as usual) to the end. However, with a $2.5 million fine, a lifetime ban and now this, things don't looks too good for Donald Sterling.


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