Political activism runs in the family.

A few weeks ago, Lupillo Rivera was photographed standing up to those who oppose undocumented immigrant children being transported to California. Now, his niece Chiquis Rivera can be seen showing support for these children in a social media campaign.

Plenty of celebrities have joined in by holding signs that say #Estamosconlosniños, which translates to "we are with the children."

The pictures appear to have been taken on the night of the Premios Juventud awards, as Rivera is wearing the same outfit she performed in. Natalia Jimenez, who also held up the sign, is wearing a braided top knot and black dress that she was seen performing in that night.

It makes sense that the campaign took off at this event, as the night ended up revolving around the topic.

Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos took the time to talk about the immigration issue as he went on stage.

"I want to talk and you've seen it," Ramos said. "Tens of thousands of children have arrived at the border. They are coming by themselves. They are coming because they are fleeing violence. They are fleeing gangs and drugs. Because they are very poor, they are coming here because their parents or other family members are here."

When Pitbull accepted his award, he simply dedicated the award to "the children and families that are trying to cross the border looking for the American dream."

Some of the other celebrities who have joined in on the campaign are Adrian Di Monte, Lenny de la Rosa and Jen Carlos Canela.

In late July, Bob Llamas asked the National Council of La Raza to speak up for the children at the border, or to at least think about them through prayer. The hashtag was also used on a screen behind him.