Move over, Tiger Woods--Rory McIlroy is the new king in golf.

Presently the best golfer in the world, McIlroy has won the last two majors of the golf year, the British Open and the PGA Championship. 

Because he still very young, there's still a lot that we don't know about him. But we're about to change that. Latin list five unknown facts about the young star and golf's hottest star today:

1. He Could Win the "Rory Slam"

The last golfer to win four consecutive majors was Tiger Woods during the 2000-2001 seasons. Woods didn't win all four majors that year, but he did win all four majors (Masters, PGA Championship, British Open and U.S. Open) consecutively.

If McIlroy can win next year's Masters, it would put him just one win away from completing four consecutive major victories. No golfer has ever achieved the modern day grand slam of winning all four majors in one year. If McIlroy does win the Masters next April, he will have completed the career grand slam.

2. He Represents Northern Ireland, Not the Republic of Ireland

Europe has always had a rich tradition in golf. Multiple European golfers have seen success on the big stage as Spain, England, Jersey, Scotland and many others. Most people think that McIlroy represents the Republic of Ireland, but in fact, his accomplishments go to the small country of Northern Ireland.

Because of McIlroy's three major victories, Northern Ireland now has seven total major victories, incredibly four more than the Republic of Ireland. McIlroy was introduced to golf at a very young age by his father growing up in Holywood, County Down.

3. He's Young, But Still Efficient

McIlroy is just 25 years old, but he already has four majors. The only two other golfers who have won four majors at a younger age are Jack Nicklaus at 25 and Tiger Woods at 24. Those two golfers are notable for winning the most career majors in PGA history. His victory at the 2011 US Open at just 22 years old made him one of the youngest winners of all-time.

McIlroy is in the prime of his career, and he still has a lot of golf left to play.

4. He's a Manchester United Fan

Soccer is extremely popular among European sports fans. Usually the biggest question among Western European soccer fans is: Are you for Real Madrid or Manchester United?

 McIlroy's victory at the British Open had to be a terrific victory in front of a lot of supporting fans. A huge Manchester United fan, McIlroy has also said he likes coach Louis van Gaal, who also coached the Netherlands National Team at the FIFA World Cup. He's even been booed by Liverpool fans in the past.

5. He's Had the Same Coach Since He Was a Kid

Michael Bannon has been working as McIlroy's swing coach for the last 17 years. He was recently named Manager of the Month for July. Bannon has spent most of his time overseas working at the Bangor Golf Club, but has since moved to be McIlroy's swing coach on a full time basis. It's a great benefit to have the same swing coach for a long period of time. Tiger Woods hasn't been able to win a major since Hank Haney left him in 2010.

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