Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that he would be a better president than some notable Democrats, but will the Republican run in the 2016 presidential election?

During an interview on "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace asked Romney if the thought he would be a better president than Hillary Clinton, CBS News reports.

"No question about that in my mind," said Romney, who was the Republican nominee in the 2012 election.

Clinton is reportedly doing well in polls regarding the next Democratic nominee. The former secretary of state, former New York senator and former first lady has not officially announced whether or not she will run in the upcoming election.

"The American people may disagree with me, but, look, you've got to get this economy going," Romney said. "You have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs and to help people come out of poverty, to help the middle class to have a better and prosperous future. You've got to have that understanding."

The former governor of Massachusetts also argued that Clinton doesn't fit the bill of someone who has "actually run something."

"You watched a president who just doesn't understand how to make an administration work, how to interact with Congress, how to get things done," Romney said. "You have to have those things. I don't think Hillary Clinton has that experience."

Romney did not end his jabs at President Barack Obama, who won his first presidential term by defeating Romney in the 2012 elections, there.

"Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two peas in the same pod, and the American people have tasted that and have said, 'Look, that's not a good taste. It's not right for the American people,'" Romney said.

According to Politico, last month Romney said that at the moment, does not want to run for president again, but "circumstances can change."

On Sunday, Romney said that he will not run for president in 2016.

"I've spoken at this time and time again," he said according to CBS News. "I'm not running. I'm not planning on running. I'm going to be helping the person who takes the banner for us. There are other good people who I'm sure will be able to lead the country in the future.  It was a great experience running for president. I loved that. But my time has ... come and gone. I had that opportunity. I ran, I didn't win. And now, it's time for someone else to pick up the baton."


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