The start of convicted boyfriend killer Jodi Arias' penalty phase retrial is only days away, and it looks like it will start on schedule.

Arias was found guilty in May 2013 of the first-degree murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, who was killed in his Phoenix home in 2008. According to medical examiners, Arias stabbed him 27 times, primarily in the back, torso and heart. She also slit Alexander's throat from ear to ear, nearly decapitating him, and shot him in the face before she dragged his bloodied corpse to the shower.

Although Arias was convicted of murder, the jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision on her sentencing. As a result, her retrial is slated to later this month to determine whether she should be sentenced to death, life in prison or life with a chance of release after serving 25 years.

Arias' retrial was originally set for Sept. 8, however Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens granted Arias a request to delay it, pushing back to Sept. 29, according to Reuters.

On Sept. 29, Arias' legal reps will start the jury selection process by serving 300 potential jurors with a questionnaire. The potential jurors will be broken into three seperate groups. The public will not gain access to the questions in order to keep the jury selection as fair as possible. After the questionnaire, jurors will be questioned in the courtroom.

According to the court calendar, the trial will last through the first part of December with breaks in both Octoberr and November for holidays, KTAR News reports.

On Sunday, the 34-year-old waitress began auctioning the pair of glasses that she wore during her trial online. Bidding on the glasses began on at $500. The auction is scheduled to end on Sept. 24.

According to the website, 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward an unidentified Phoenix-based nonprofit.