Celebrities love to dress up, and nothing proves this more than Halloween. As many are invited to lavish parties or have children they want to dress up, fans get to see just how stars do Halloween. Here is a collection of Latino stars getting into the Halloween spirit.

Sebastián Rulli shared a picture of a skeleton, which looks more like a Dia de Los Muertos item, but he did share an emoji of a pumpkin too.

"How about this skinny lady that I came across?"  he said in the caption.

Anahi didn't dress up, but she did share a picture of herself that channeled Halloween. Her broken doll look is also bloody. She captioned the picture with "Anyween."

Carlos Ponce posted this a bit before Halloween. He added that perhaps he should look into dressing up as a Disney prince.

Jacky Bracamontes' daughter would easily come first in a Halloween costume contest.

"Don't you love my little bee?" Bracamontes said in the photo's caption.

Jaime Camil also had a little fun with his Instagram post. Camil's face was digitally made to look like a zombie, and the video he posted featured the zombie's mouth moving and growling.

Cristian de la Fuente went for the same look as Camil, but his zombie could have looked a bit scarier.

Sofia Vergara may or may not have actually dressed up for Halloween, but she did share a picture of the costume she wore on "Modern Family." Her character channeled Princess Merida from "Brave."

Ana Patricia Gonzalez paid tribute to Selena for "Despierta America." The host was remembering the '90s, and the beauty queen chose the late singer.

"Dressed as my idol today #Selena Forever we love you and we miss you," she said in the caption.

Gonzalez had another Halloween look up her sleeve. On Oct. 31, she honored the great Maria Felix.

Thalia shared a picture of herself digitally inserted onto a cartoon witch.

"Halloween is for enjoying yourself and taking advantage of dressing up," she said in the caption.

Erik Hayser went for a classic and dressed up as a Ghostbuster.